40 year old Usman murdered in Tauru, days after communal riot

By TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter,

Tauru, Mewat: 40-year old Usman from Nizampur village near Tauru was brutally murdered last night, a week after communal tension in the town on June 8.

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Usman had gone to water his field at around 12 AM, but did return home. Worried family members and villagers started the hunt for him in the morning, but found the dead body at around 1 PM at noon today.

Someone has brutally sliced his neck (TCN has the photo of dead body that shows the brutality, but as a policy we are not posting here as it is disturbing.) and threw the dead body in the nearby field. Police has reached the spot and are initiating investigation. So far no clue has been found. The local administration has appealed for peace.

There is anger among the members of the Meo community and there are fear of some untoward reactions as the situation is already tense after June 8, communal riot. Most of the shops in the market of Tauru that had opened after prolonged negotiations with the local administration on Sunday have shut down as the news of murder spread fearing clashes.

Last Sunday morning, June 8, the sleepy town of Tauru, one of the five blocks in Mewat district, saw communal clashes between Hindus and Muslims for the first time in its history since partition. Although prompt action by the district officials and clamping of curfew could curtail the damages, but polarization has already begun and there are fears of retaliation from both sides as they accuse the police of bias. As we visited the town on Saturday there was palpable fear and Meos were afraid to even escort us towards the market in the Hindu dominated locality.

Night curfew is still in place and one company of RAF, two of CRPF and three of BSF were deployed, in addition to about 1,000 Haryana Police personnel.


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