Rape on rise due to failure of live-in relationships: Delhi HC

New Delhi : The Delhi High Court has held that rape cases are increasing due to failure of live-in relationship or young adults acting immaturely by getting into commitments that end up in break-ups.

A bench of Justice Kailash Gambhir and Justice Sunita Gupta in a recently-delivered order said that boys and girls have to be very careful and cautious before taking such an important decision concerning their lives and entering into the most sanctimonious relationship of marriage or even a live-in relationship.

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“One of the major reasons contributing to increase in the rape cases is a failure of live-in relationship or any immature decision on the part of such young adults which more often end up in a broken relationship but sometimes after indulging into physical relationship,” the court said.

The court observation came while upholding life term awarded to four members of a family, including the girl’s father, for killing her lover in October 2006 as they did not approve of their relationship. The incident took place in Uttam Nagar area of west Delhi.

In its order made available Thursday, the court found that convicts Ravi Kumar, Sanjay, Karamvir and Raj Kumar are brothers of the girl, who were aggrieved by the conduct of Kuldeep as he was having an affair with her which affected their family reputation.

Observing that attractions of two individual leading to relationship is above the barriers of caste, creed, religion and status, the court said: “Parents are also expected to behave with more sensitivity and maturity as such issues need to be resolved with patience, understanding and tolerance and instead of indifference or with a bent of mind of alienating the two.”

The court said that the precious life of Kuldeep perhaps would not have met such a tragic end and the accused perhaps would not have suffered the severity of punishment of life imprisonment had they acted in a sensible and mature manner with due patience, tolerance and understanding to resolve the things instead of taking the law in their own hands.