BTAD camp inmates wary ahead of Ramadan

By Staff Reporter,

Guwahati: The 300 odd people who have been stuck at the relief camps having a tough time after they have been devastated by the armed miscreants in Assam’s Bodoland Territorial Areas District (BTAD). More than 45 villagers were gunned down by the miscreants a few weeks back in these areas.

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As the Islamic holy month Ramadan is around the corner, the inmates at Narayanguri relief camp are heading towards a crisis hours. Though the state government has arranged for security with a camp of IRBN near the camp, the inmates complain that they are also forced to carry on duties to guard the camp during the night hours.

(Abdul Hamid saying about the plight of the inmates)

“It is tough to stay awake throughout the night. How will we people guard without any arms,” said Abdul Hamid, a 60 year old inmate. According to them, every night eight of their inmates have to give company to the four IRBN jawans.

“It’s very tiresome to do this from 8 pm to 5 o’clock in the morning. We have urged the district administration to make us free from this burden,” Hamid added. Though the district administration officials have assured the inmates, so far no development has taken place. Though food supply was made available after the hunger strike by the inmates, the other facilities are still poor.

Abdul Hamid at the camp.
Abdul Hamid at the camp.

Besides, with the start of Ramadan month the inmates will have to face a tough time starting from preparation of food stuff to performing religious rituals.

The camps at Narayanguri in Baksa in Assam's BTAD.
The camps at Narayanguri in Baksa in Assam’s BTAD.

“The district administration people keep on promising but so far they have not even made the lighting facility available. We have to face problems during the night for this. During rainy session water gets through the camps making the condition worst. This is very unhygienic for the children,” said 38 year old Jamaluddin.

He also said that it will be tough for them to continue like this during the holy month. “We hope that at least a few problems will be solved so that we can peacefully observe the month of Ramadan. We are
also concerned for the kids,” Jamaluddin added.

The camps at Narayanguri in Baksa in Assam's BTAD.

Meanwhile, out of six eye witnesses three have already fled the camp apprehending attack on them. A camp inmate who did not wish to be named told that they are scared.

“We heard such kind of a thing that their lives might be in risk. So, we guess, they preferred to stay away from the camp. We too are scared at this development. If people have to live under such fear in democracy, it’s a matter of serious concern,” the inmate said.

(Aziran Nesha complaining about the police asking them to stop sending kids to school)

On top of that there is another strange case which has taken place in the camp which will raise the eye brows of the readers. One Aziran Nesha, mother of four children, said that the police have asked them not to send her kids to the school nearby suspecting ‘attack’ on these kids.

Now, the parents are scared and worried with the future of the children.

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