Russia rejects rampant terrorism in Arab region

Damascus: Russia has rejected the unabated terrorism existing the Arab region, as the country’s visiting Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said here Saturday that his country will not stand idly toward the rampant terrorism in the region.

“Russia will not stand idly toward some groups’ attempts to spread terrorism in the region, including Syria and Iraq,” Xinhua quoted Ryabkov telling in a press conference in Damascus, without elaborating how his country would react to such issues.

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He also said terrorism is by no means justified, and it must be combated and eliminated regardless of whatever circumstances or names it may come under, referring to the recent Sunni offensive led by the Islamic state in Iraq and Levant, an Al Qaeda offshoot.

e urged more efforts, concerted measures and a strong position from all related parties to turn the tide of terrorism around, adding that the US needs to take “serious steps” to fight the terrorism that is threatening the entire Middle East.

It is “not permissible” to treat the “dangerous challenge” that is rocking Iraq and the region with indifference, said the senior Russian diplomat.

For his part, Assad expressed his country’s gratitude toward Russia’s supports, adding that his administration is willingness to keep working with Russia over issues concerning the interests of the region, state media reported.