Communal tension in Delhi’s Trilokpuri

By Staff Reporter,

New Delhi: Communal tensions have erupted in East Delhi’s Trilokpuri area since last night. According to reports, Block Number 15 and 27 ( both are adjacent) of Trilokpuri area gripped in communal tension since last night after local Muslims demanded that a make-shift Mata Ki Chouki that was put up for 9 days in front of a Mosque be removed.

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Locals complained that in a clear attempt to instigate Muslims, Hindu group had put up the Mata Ki Chouki right in front of the Mosque. Further they did not immerse the deities even after the Deewali festival was over.

When the locals objected last night and urged them to remove the deities, hundreds of frenzy mob soon gathered and in no time stone pelting began from both sides. The situation was, however, soon taken under control by police.

According locals, the situation is very tense in the area since then and there are reports of about 400-500 outsiders gathering in the locality and surrounding pockets of Muslim houses.

Some locals are complaining that they are armed with revolvers and other arms and at present are pelting stones at Muslims’ homes and trying to instigate them. Though there are no reports of any casualty yet, but around a dozen persons have been injured.

The All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat, the apex body of Muslim organisations, has sent an SoS to the Hon’ble Lt. Governor, Delhi, requesting him to intervene and to provide adequate force to control the hooligans.

Concerned citizens have appealed to the police and local administration to immediately give prohibitory orders and implement 144.

Before, Eid ul Adha too there was communal tension in the Bawana area of North-West Delhi after some anti-social elements are continously trying to instigate Hindu-Muslim violence.


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