I am optimistic and impatient, says Bill Gates

New Delhi : Microsoft founder Bill Gates Thursday said he was extremely optimistic and impatient in life and through his philanthropic work has been able to understand new things about immunisation.

“I am very optimistic and very impatient about our work. I am getting to learn things and understand new frontiers. I am getting to know the immune system and how to design a vaccine and understand tuberculosis that has been literally there for 1,000 years,” Gates said at a conference here.

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“I am learning basic things like how do we stop that disease using a vaccine. I don’t see any end to my fascination with things, considering that I have got the right people around me to find solutions,” he said.

On a visit to the capital for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Microsoft founder along with his wife was in conversation with celebrated author Chetan Bhagat on the topic “All Loves Have Equal Value”.

The foundation was created in 2001, but they launched their first Indian initiative in 2003 with an HIV/AIDS prevention programme known as Avahan.

As the couple work together to improve health conditions across the world, mostly in developing countries, Bhagat asked to rate their strengths and negatives at the workplace.

Melinda Gates quickly admitted that Bill Gates had this “unbelievable curiosity” that would stimulate everyone around him.

But she also said he could be “very tough” on himself and on others at times.

On the other hand, Bill Gates said his wife was a great asset when it comes to finding “allies” in the foundation to improve things, but she was extremely bad at reading memos.

The light-hearted conversation touched several issues and projects the foundation is involved with in India.