Community leaders guide youths in structuring their future; urge to become worthy examples for others

By A Mirsab,,

Mumbai: Addressing a gathering of youths on the topics of education, career, community responsibilities, moral values and ill effects of modern technologies, Muslim scholars from different schools of thoughts urged the youngsters to become an example to be followed by the community.

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Organised by Muslim Youth Foundation (MYF), a little known Muslim students’ body, this was the second consecutive students’ convention, held at Muslim populated Mumbra, some 40 kms from here. The convention was organised on February 21 on the topic ‘Lahoo Mujh ko Rulati Hai Jawano Ki Tan Asani’ (Slothful Opulence of Youths Evokes My Sigh of Pity).

MYF. Con. 1.jpg
Maulana Abu Zafar Hassan Nadvi Al Azhari addressing the youth convention organised by Muslim Youth Foundation at Mumbra on February 21, 2015

The main focus of the programme – attended by teachers, professors, social workers, government employees, scholars and thinkers from all schools of thoughts apart from renowned religious leaders – was to guide youths in structuring their future while providing analogy with Islamic scholars.

Established on December 1, 2013, the Muslim Youth Foundation strives to work for the betterment of Muslim youths and students in ethics and education. It also intends to develop leadership qualities for constructive purposes and to solve the educational and moral problems of youths.

Maulana Abu Zafar Hassan Nadvi Al Azhari, who presided over the programme, asked the gathering to understand the importance of the youth and to utilise every of its moment fruitfully. “You have a great strength; utilise it in proper direction. See how Hazrat Ali (R.A) – cousin and son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) spent his life. He was a feeble boy when he came to support the Prophet and he then never looked back. He emerged as a leader for the community and became an example to be followed by the community”, he said.

Another speaker, Mufti Muhammad Huzaifa narrated in brief the story of Prophet Yousuf (PBUH) and asked youths to learn lesson from his steadfastness and piousness when he did not get tempted by the beautiful lady’s offer and accepted prison or trial over committing an unauthorised act.

“How clear and pious we live our life will decide the future of the next generation as it will try to emulate our actions. We have to learn from our history and lead a balanced and productive life that will help our community,” Huzaifa said.

Professor Asadullah Khan stressed over the need of acquiring quality education so as to become a guide for the community in today’s modern world. Dr Aabedur Rahman, president of Federation of Islamic Youth Foundation (FIYO), focused his talk over the need of considering all Muslims as a part of larger community (ummah) irrespective of their affiliation to various schools of thought.

MYF. Con. 2.jpg
Mufti Muhammad Huzaifa addressing the youths convention organised by Muslim Youth Foundation at Mumbra on February 21, 2015

“We as an Ummah can prosper only when we dissolve all of our internal differences and consider ourselves as a single body. We can get the blessings of Almighty when we remove our differences,” he urged the youth gathering.

Asif Mansoori, MYF president, said: “Youths are the main pillars of our community. Youths should understand their responsibilities and the community, a whole, too should consider youths to be the real asset for it. If our youths waste their energy, then the community in general will have to bear the loss.”

Community members appreciated the Foundation’s endeavor in organising the youth-focused programme and extended support.

Earlier, the Foundation had conducted its first programme on the topic of ‘The Role of Muslim Youth’ at the time of its launch in 2013. Well-known scholars, retired police officers, teachers and politicians had attended that programme and then too members of the community had appreciated the endeavor and extended support.