AMU organizes seminar on ‘dialogue among religions’

By TCN News,

Aligarh: “An undercurrent of conflicts has burst to the fore, threatening to turn religious coercion into wars and the solution in the 21st century is through a dialogue between different religions”, said the Chairman Darul ul Uloom, Trinidad and Director of Television Islamic Network (West Indies), Mufti Waseem Ahmad Khan. He was delivering a keynote address in a lecture theatre brimful of students, scholars and delegates at the Aligarh Muslim University’s Sunni Theology Department.

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Invited as the chief guest at the seminar on ‘Dialogue Among Religions’, Mufti Waseem further said, “The new world cannot be understood without involving religion and religious organizations.” He added: “Out of every 10 people in the world, eight people follow some religion and it is not possible to find solutions without bringing them into a dialogue.”

AMU organizes seminar on ‘Dialogue among Religions’

“All faiths teach peace. Religious people all over the world aspire to live with dignity and a sense of justice. And if representatives of these faiths are involved in finding resolutions to global conflicts, peace will automatically prevail,” said Mufti Waseem.

He further said it is important to attain peace and shun violence, oppression and tyranny for a happier world. “Innocent people have been killed in the name of religion and it is high time that a right and peaceful representation of religion should prevail to maintain peace,” asserted Mufti Waseem. He stressed that it is only a proper dialogue in different religions, which will bring tranquillity.

The Aligarh Muslim University Vice Chancellor, Lt Gen. Zameer Uddin Shah (retd), while presiding over the seminar, stated that a dialogue process should always be there in between people of various faiths. He stressed that violence within Muslim sects has been on the rise and they first need to mend their differences and enter into a dialogue.

Stating that the main objective of AMU’s Faculty of Theology is to present the right teachings of Islam, Gen Shah added that our educational qualification would prove beneficial only if we have a mutual understanding of and compassion for various religions. He stressed that we need to integrate with the mainstream national characteristics while keeping our cultural values intact.

The Vice Chancellor said that he has spent his whole life among non-Muslims. He urged the Muslim community to shed misunderstandings with other religious sects and promote mutual dialogue and understanding. He said that violence would never pay, rather will cause great harm to everyone.

Mufti Mahfoozur Rehman Usmani, Rector of Jamia’atul Qasim, Sapol, Bihar said that Aligarh Muslim University is a Taj Mahal of Sir Syed’s dreams. He said that every problem of Muslims will be resolved if they adopt the right path. He affirmed that the pious is one who always wishes good for others.

Former Dean of the AMU’s Faculty of Theology, Prof Zainus Sajiddin Siddiqui said that the very concept of religious following is changing and it is obligatory on us to present the correct understanding of it. For this, it is essential to encourage mutual dialogue. He stressed that above all one must have regard for others’ dignity.

While welcoming the guests, Chairman, Department of Sunni Theology, Dr Mufti Zahid Ali Khan informed that AMU’s Theology Department is engaged in providing studies in eight religions. He said, “Besides academic courses, our effort is to form a powerful front against social evils and promote mutual cooperation and tolerance”.

Conducting the seminar, Dr Abdul Khalique said that India is home to almost all faiths and it presents a unique picture of pluralism and unity in diversity. He said that scholars from West Indies have visited the AMU for the first time and they are wished to promote mutual cooperation and academic exchange programmes between AMU and West Indies’ Islamic institutions.