Muslim Professionals Network launched a crowdfunding site for charity projects

By TCN News

Hyderabad: A network of Muslim professionals working for the empowerment and development of the community announced the launch of, an online funding platform to connect those in the community who want to give back and help with meaningful projects by verified NGOs, Charities and Social Groups.

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“There are so many potential projects out there that do not see the light of the day because of lack of visbility and resourcers, is a crowd funding platform to solve this very problem” said Mohammed Abubakr, the man behind and co-founder & vice president of the “Muslim Professionals Network”, organization that has developed and launched the online platform. was launched yesterday at a gathering of Muslim Professionals Network Iftar at President Garden, Shaikhpet. “Ideas need to come together to scale the solutions to the enormity of the problems that exist in the society, is a scalable solution that will, by will of God, dramatically help impactful projects by connecting credible charities with successful and accomplished donors” said Javed Sikander, President of Muslim Professionals Network. currently lists four campaigns ranging from help to Rohingya refugees to Nepal earthquake victims to Kashmiri flood victims. Donation can be done through money transfer from one’s bank account online. No details on how much of the donation money is going to be used for administrative expenses.

Muslim Professionals Network (MPN) is a social platform for the professional working in the various industries such as IT, finance, medicine, law etc. to connect, collaborate and act towards the inclusive development and growth of our nation. Professionals working in multinational companies have been exposed to challenges that require out of the box of thinking and finding scalable solutions. The idea of MPN is to channel this knowledge and expertise to help find solutions that will benefit not only Indian Muslims but also help the overall development of the nation.

Explaining the goals and objectives of MPN, Mohammed Abdul Khuddus, General Secretary of MPN said “MPN collectively works towards providing a community platform to all professionals working in various companies in Hyderabad. We assist the local community in developing educational excellence, provide career guidance and job assistance, prepare the youth in today’s competitive professional environment, establish social networks, resolve social issues through charity, advance socio-economic aspects for the growth of the community and make the Muslims part of the development of India”.

Last year, MPN established a 24×7 helpline (888-552-4357) where people can call with any needs such as education, employment guidance and medical help. MPN also plan to build a community centre at Gachibowli in Hyderabad and seeking government help to acquire 1 acre land on lease.