AMU Emirates Chapter celebrates Sir Syed Day in Sharjah

By TCN News

The Emirates Chapter of the Aligarh Muslim University celebrated Sir Syed Day in Sharjah on November 20 to remember and learn from the great works and achievements of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, who provided the much needed leadership to Indian Muslims at the right time.

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Over 700 former students came together to discuss how Sir Syed’s contribution marked “the most important epoch in the post-Mughal history of Indian Muslims.” The Chief Guest, Pro vice-Chancellor Brigadier (Retd.) Syed Ahmad Ali, in his speech said AMU, established by Sir Syed, was progressing by leaps and bounds. He also appreciated the role of the Alumni groups who generously supported the development and construction projects in the university. He declared that the financial and moral support that AMU is receiving from alumni groups in general and the UAE chapter in particular is beyond his imagination and above all their expectations. In his speech, Ali praised the A.M.U Alumni Forum-U.A.E. for the great efforts it is making for the progress of the University.

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Another guest, Ameer Ahmad, while praising the woks of Alumni said that it was not enough and large-scale efforts were need in educating the Muslims of North India, especially in UP, Bihar, Bengal and Assam. He gave the example of Kerala tot alk about how Muslim had achieved excellence in education, job and business. The same is to be copied, he emphasized. in the light of his recent visits to some of the remote villages of U.P where Muslims who live in abject poverty.

H. E. Dr. Mohammad Saeed Al Kindi, Diplomat & Ex-Minister for Environment & Water (U.A.E.) & The Patron of A.M.U. Alumni Forum-U.A.E. has given the welcome speech in which he praised the role of Indian in the development of U.A.E.

In his emotionally charged speech Mr. Syed Mohammad Qutbur Raham, President, A.M.U. Alumni Forum-U.A.E. reminded the fellow Aligs of their great responsibility towards the Nation & Community; they are in need of their help and leadership from the Alig community all over the world.

The guest of honour Shri Deepak Mishra, Secretary–International Social Council and President, Samajwadi Bouddhik/Chintan Sabha & Editor – Anuchintan demanded that Sir Syed be awarded India’s highest civilian honour, the Bharat Ratna for his extra ordinary services.

In addition to The Chief Guest, Pro vice-Chancellor A.M.U Aligarh, Brigadier (Retd.) Syed Ahmad Ali the followings are the some of the prominent guests who attended this memorable event.
# Janab Siraj Uddin Qureshi, President, India Islamic Cultural Centre, New Delhi
# Mr.Tariq Ahmed Nizami, Founder & CEO, CEO Clubs Network
# Janab Ameer Ahmed, Chairman & Group M.D. Manappt Group of Companies
# Dr.Suhail Sabir, Chairman, Alumni Affairs Committee, A.M.U. Aligarh
# Dr. Faud Saeed Sherani, Coordinator, Cultural Education Centre, A.M.U Aligarh
# Mr. Mehsan Arshad, Vice President/Director, International Business Development
# Mr.Saiyad Shahin Alam, Director, GP Property Fund (CEIC) Ltd
# Mr. Shahabuddin Yaqub, Journalist & Social Activist
# Janab Sayed Anwar Bari, Asst. General Manager (Projects), Bukhatir Group
# Mr.Shahar Imran, Businessman and Community Activist from London, UK
# Mr. Md. Perwez Siddique, President, Sir Syed Minority Foundation, Aligarh
# Mr.Abdul Khalique Kamil, Honorary Secretary, Sir Syed Minority Foundation, Aligarh

Mr. Mansoor Ali, General Secratery, A.M.U Alumni Forum-U.A.E. gave the vote of thanks.

Mr. Ateequr Rehman Khan, Joint Secretary, A.M.U Alumni Forum-U.A.E. organized a quiz competition on Sir Syed’s life, mission, achievements and A.M.U history.