Woman researchers equally participate in a Seminar organized by Theological department of AMU

By TCN News,

Aligarh: Sunni Theological Society Department of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) organized a national level on the theme “Human values in world religions” which was attended by more than 120 research scholars from 12 different universities.

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This was the first time that a global issue was selected for the seminar by the Theological Department of AMU.

Woman researchers equally participate in a Seminar organized by Theological department of AMU

The seminar was organized on Saturday and the topic was chosen considering the global challenges against the issues which are detrimental to the overall growth of the human values across the globe and the present challenges against the nefarious designs of selected few to tarnish the image of particular one religion.

Other sub themes of the different papers were Issues from Jihad to Present Political Dynamics and challenging times for Muslims in the world. The Sunni Theological Society Department organizes such seminar to promote the vision and mission of Sir Syed, the founder of AMU.

Interesting part of the seminar turned out to be the equal participation of Muslim women research scholars who not only participated but also presented their papers in English.

Mualana Abdul Hameed Nomani, spokeperson Of Jamiatul Ulema-E-Hind, who was the chief guest on the occasion said the brotherhood and secular values should be promoted for the welfare of the society to give a vibrant world.

Dr. Aurangzeb Azmi from Jamia Millia Islamia said every religion preaches peace and justice and has no room for divisive forces.

Addressing the assembly Father Yusuf, a functionary of Christianity thought said certain sector of the society has been captivated by elements to tarnish image of particular community to promote hate in them for divide and rule.

Woman researchers equally participate in a Seminar organized by Theological department of AMU

Pandit Kapil Sharma, a scholar of Hindu ideology raised question during his talk, ”How can human values prevail when our mother and sister are not given a save environment to live and move?”

Prof. Syed Ali Mohd Naqvi, Dean faculty of theology emphasized upon the virtues of all the religions and said it was call of hour to get religious teaching in to practice to promote human values in the composite culture and society we live in.

Prof. Saud Alam Qasmi, the patron and the chairman appealed the young research scholars to be proactive to promote human values through their extensive research work to establish and promote vibrant civilized society.

Omar Peerzada, convener of Aligarh Movement Foundation appealed researchers to create the human chain of likeminded to dismantle the nefarious designs of the present world which he said was against the world peace and justice.

He specially urged girl students to promote their research work and formulate various articles in print media and electronic media.