Muslim leaders meet Rajnath Singh

New Delhi: A delegation of Muslim clerics and social leaders met union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Tuesday and discussed issues concerning the community.

“The delegation emphasised that Indian Muslim youth have not fallen prey to any propaganda in the name of Islam and expressed satisfaction at the steps taken by the NDA government for creating an atmosphere of peace and security in the minds of the minority community,” a home ministry statement said.

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The delegation, which included Shia cleric Maulana Kalbe Jawad, chairman of Confederation of Minorities’ Educational Institutions Kamal Faruqui, and noted journalist Qamar Agha, condemned all kinds of violence in the name of religion.

“Islam stands for peace and well-being of all and no one should be misguided or carry an understanding contrary to this fact,” the delegation was quoted as saying.

The members of the delegation also said that they were against any sort of terrorist or violent activities, including cross-border terrorism.

Muslims were safe and enjoyed freedom in India — the kind of freedom and security not available to Muslims even in Muslim-ruled countries, they said.

The delegation raised the issues of educational and economic backwardness of the community and requested the government to take positive steps for their betterment.

It was also suggested that a forum for dialogue to strengthen communal harmony be created consisting of religious and social leaders from different communities and other stakeholders.