NCHRO’s Mukundan C Menon Award 2015 given to Ram Puniyani

By TCN News,

Mumbai: The renowned writer, commentator and human rights activist Ram Puniyani was awarded by National Confederation of Human Rights Organizations’ (NCHRO) Mukundan C Menon Award 2015 for his note worthy works in upholding human rights.

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The Mukundan C Menon Award is instituted by NCHRO in the memory of late Mukundan C Menon, the noted journalist and human rights activist who died in 2005. Since last ten years Mukundan C Menon annual award honors activists who have made outstanding contributions for the protection of human and civil rights India.

NCHRO’s Mukundan C Menon Award 2015 given to Ram Puniyani

Ram Puniyani receiving Mukundan C Menon Award 2015

On Wednesday the annual function was organized at Al Karimi Library Hall of Anjuman-E-Islam, CST, Mumbai where Ram Puniyani was honored with the award recognizing his extraordinary achievements in contributing to human rights in India.

The function was presided over by Justice Suresh Hosbet, retired Judge Bombay High Court and was attended by many noted advocates and activists.

After receiving award Ram Puniyani referred to the Babri Masjid Demolition as a big attack on the democracy of India said there was deeper politics behind it. “Communal disturbances through such acts are just tools at the hands of RSS and their main agenda is to reinstate the Hindu authoritarian rule, caste hierarchy and gender discrimination system in India”, he told the gathering.

In his Presidential Speech, Justice Suresh Hosbet, appreciated the work of NCHRO and stressed the need for such awards to encourage people who are devoted to rights activism.

NCHRO’s Mukundan C Menon Award 2015 given to Ram Puniyani

Justice Suresh Hosbet addressing the gathering on the occasion of Mukundan C Menon Award 2015

He warned that our country is being dragged towards fascism by communal and sectarian forces and he raised deep concerns by saying, “…the fact that RSS and its fringe groups have managed to instill communal poison in every department and have installed their people even in judiciary”.

Referring to Rohit Vemula case and the JNU issue he said that today we are the victims of internal sabotage of the constitution that is taking place in one hand and external aggression in the form of intolerance and disturbances in this country.

Claiming that people in power have no allegiance to the constitution, he said,”Today the actual situation is worse than even emergency and if it continues this way we will have to fight another struggle for freedom”.