Passengers coming home from Dubai for Eid blame Jet Airways of leaving luggage behind to earn extra cash

By Staff Reporter

Delhi/Patna: A number of travellers flying from the UAE to India, mostly to celebrate Eid with family, were made to suffer due to callous approach of Jet Airways. Travellers alleged that the aviation company, in a bid to earn extra money, consciously delayed their luggage at different points during the journey and played havoc with their travel plans.

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Imteyaz Ahmed, an engineer working in UAE, said he has been left completely frustrated due to the attitude of the company. Ahmed, who is a resident of Madhubani, Bihar, said, “Yesterday, when I was boarding the flight, I was told that the luggage was five kilos more than the permissible limit and asked me to pay $22 for every extra kilo, because of which I had to discard some of my stuff. But more importantly, we were told that our luggage would arrive by the next flight. Again in Delhi, when we were taking our connecting flight, we were told that our luggage would follow us when we reach Patna.”

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He added, “Of course, our luggage hadn’t reached Patna on our arrival. But at no point did the officials of Jet Airways accept their mistake.
We were again told that the luggage would arrive in a Air India flight. When I insisted that they give me the same in writing, they denied initially; but confirmed later in writing that the luggage would arrive tomorrow.” Since he had no luggage with him, he has been forced to spend the night in Patna instead of going home. There were at least 50 people at Patna airport who were facing similar problems, he added.

Another traveller, Haris, was shocked to find on his arrival in Delhi, that his luggage had been left in Dubai. Similar issues were reported by people travelling to Chennai and Lucknow. Almost all of these people de-boarded at Delhi to take connecting flights, but without any luggage.

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This is not the first time that passengers travelling with Jet Airways have complained about the company’s failure to deliver luggage at the right time. Another passenger, Ammar Mansoor, on July 2, had complained that a friend’s luggage had not arrived in time.

In an emailed response, a spokesperson of Jet Airways said, “This was due to operational reasons. Baggage delivery updates are communicated to the airline guests directly. Jet Airways regrets inconvenience caused to guests.” The company refused to answer questions regarding how much monetary benefit it made from allowing passengers to carry luggage beyond the permissible limit.