Kerala HC judge says Muslim Personal law discriminates against women

By TCN Staff Reporter

Kozhikode: Kerala High Court Justice B Kemal Pasha on Sunday lashed out against Muslim Personal Law, saying their laws were discriminatory. The judge said that the Muslim Personal law was extending a raw deal towards women while inaugurating the discussion on Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, organised by Punarjani Charitable Trust, a collective of women lawyers. “As per the laws, the men can marry four times and easily divorce the wives through extra-judicial divorce. But the same law is not applicable to the women,” Kemal Pasha said.

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“Under the law, women are facing discrimination in divorce, marriage and succession laws. The women are denied even the privileges ensured by the Quran. While it comes to the inheritance law, the women are subjected to discriminations,” he added.

The laxity of the clerics and the functionaries of mosque committees in addressing the woes of Muslim also came under heavy criticism.

“The leaders and the clerics should try to implement the orders of Quran rightly. The leaders and clerics speak against the dowry. But, they don’t dare to ban it. The women could be ensured the protection of law if changes are introduced in the Domestic Violence Act” he said.

“The scenario could be changed if the women are empowered. Cases, where men marry one more time, are low in southern Kerala. Muslim women there are more empowered compared to northern Kerala,” he added.