In Lucknow, Owaisi equates SP with BJP

By Staff Reporter

Lucknow: All India Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen chief Asaduddin Owaisi visited Lucknow to interact with his party workers and Muslim clerics on Monday.

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Owaisi had been denied permission to hold public meeting in Lucknow on March 17.

Both Samajwadi Party and BJP remained on target of Owaisi during his visit to Lucknow.

“Both SP and BJP are same. I have been denied permission to hold meeting while RSS chief is allowed. They are one and the same. Now everybody knows it,” he said.

Owaisi focussed on his Muslim voters and asked his workers to be ready for contesting the next assembly polls with slogan—Jai Bheem Jai Meem. “Now everybody knows what is the trend among Muslims. Bikapur byelection has showed it. Muslims are facing the brunt. Only two persons were held responsible for Muzaffarnagar riots instead of state government,” Owaisi remarked.

Owaisi also stated that there is no need for any certificate from anyone to brand him as nationalist. “We have sacrificed our life and blood for the nation. We were in the forefront during independence struggle,” he said. Owaisi also raised slogan—HIndustan Zindabad and Jai Hind.

Earlier Owaisi arrived in Lucknow in the morning and went to Dewa Shareef in Barabanki where he offered Chadar on Dargah. Coming back to Lucknow, Owaisi went to Nadwatul Uloom and met Maulana Rabey Hasan Nadwi. He them proceeded to meet Maulana Kalbe Jawwad Naqvi. “It was a courtesy meeting as I was in Lucknow and it was my duty to meet them,” he said.

Thereafter Owaisi headed to his party’s local office at Bulaki Adda where he addressed his party workers and media before leaving Lucknow.

While going to party office a group of SP workers showed black flags but workers of AIMIM chased them away while police also dispersed them.

“Just see that UP government has not been able to utilise funds for minorities development in the state. We want that poor should get their rights,” he said.

Owaisi got a warm welcome in Lucknow with his supporters stopping his cavalcade at short distance to garland him. Where ever he went, he was mobbed both by his supporters and media. Slogans of Dekho Dekho Kaun Aaya…. Sher Aaya Sher Aaya were raised in his favour.