Editor of news website Indian Muslim Observer receives threat call, asked to ‘shut up’

By Raqib Hameed Naik, TwoCircles.net

New Delhi: Danish Ahmed Khan, founder and editor of Delhi-based news website Indian Muslim Observer was on Saturday, October 22 threatened by an unknown caller and asked to “shut up”. The call was followed by an abusive SMS.

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“Since I am a journalist running a Muslim News Portal and my mobile number is public on my website as well as Facebook profile, I therefore have been sent a message to shut up. This is how journalists and Muslims are being threatened of dire consequences by Hindutva goons and mischief mongers. Will Muslims be continued to be threatened like this under Narendra Modi regime?” asked Khan.

Danish Ahmed Khan (Courtesy; Facebook)

Danish Ahmad Khan (Courtesy: Facebook)

The unknown caller can be clearly heard abusing and making derogatory remarks against a particular community in the recording of the call, which is available with Twocircles.net.

Khan has already lodged a formal complaint against the caller in the Jamia Nagar Police station on October 23 and requested to forward the complaint to cyber cell for necessary action. Besides, the editor has also written to Superintendent of Police, Cyber Crime Investigation Cell, Central Bureau of Investigation.

Meanwhile, the social networking website Facebook has taken down the post of Danish Ahmed in which he has mentioned threat call and message to him by “Hindutva goons”, citing violation of community standards.

When TCN staff reporter tried to contact the unknown caller, for his side of version, he too was abused by him.