Modi calls for a ‘Swachhagraha’ against filth

New Delhi : Reiterating the importance of recycle and reuse of waste to create wealth, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday called for ‘Swachhagraha’ or insistence on cleanliness, like Mahatma Gandhis ‘Satyagraha’.

Addressing the India Sanitation Conference at Vigyan Bhavan here, Modi thanked the citizens for enabling the Centre’s initiative for cleanliness to spread its roots.

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“Only budget allocations cannot further cleanliness. Like… ‘Satyagraha’ that freed us from the British, today there is need for ‘Swachhagraha’ to make India free from filth,” said Modi calling upon ‘Swachhagrahis’ to launch crusade against filth and refuse.

“The cleanliness movement has spread its root in a very short time. But to make it effective, people should develop a strong sense of cleanliness and an equal dislike for dirt,” he said.

Emphasising on the concepts of reuse and recycle, the Prime Minister said people needed to create wealth from waste.

“We need to recreate wealth from waste. We can bring a very big change by effectively reusing things and recycling waste. The concept of reuse and recycle has traditionally been part of our habit. We need to make these more technology driven,” he said.

Modi also said that the government has taken an important decision to buy electricity generated from waste material to promote the initiative.