AMU organizes Cultural and Literary Festival, boasts on Student politics

Prof MM Sufiyan Beg delivering his lecture during ZHCET talks

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Aligarh : The Zakir Hussain College of Engineering and Technology (ZHCET) at Aligarh Muslim University recently organised ‘ZARF 17’, a cultural and literary festival in the college premises.

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A special attraction of the festival was a short lecture event named ‘ZHCET talks’, in which Professor M M Sufiyan Beg, Principal, ZHCET was the keynote speaker. During his lecture, Professor Beg said that in practical life, we are encountered with the vague situations every now and then and this vagueness can either be in the form of uncertainty or imprecision.

Prof MM Sufiyan Beg delivering his lecture during ZHCET talks

He added that uncertainty is best addressed by probability, while the imprecision is best handled by Fuzzy Logic. “Both probability and fuzzy logic augment each other and in no terms, contradict each other,” said Professor Beg adding that different situations demand different tools and it just requires a right tool to be employed at the right time.

Meanwhile Dr Tarushikha Sarvesh (Assistant Professor, Centre for Women’s Studies, AMU), Dr Irfanuallah Farooqi (Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, AMU), Mr Zulfiqar Sheth (Research Scholar, Department of Economics, AMU) and Mr Omar Ghazi (Vice President, Vicharak) were also key speakers on the occasion.

All the keynote speakers and participants commended the initiation of such a talk event in AMU. “Such a platform to share one’s idea on variety of topics was much needed in AMU,” said Dr Irfanullah Farooqi.

Another highlight of the program was a panel discussion on ‘Role of Students in Mainstream Politics’, in which Prof Asmer Beg, Department of Political Science; Prof Samina Khan, Department of English; Prof M M Sufyan Beg, Principal of Zakir Husain College of Engineering and Technology and Mr Omar S Peerzada, Public Relations Officer, AMU participated as speakers.

During the panel discussion, Prof Asmer Beg pointed out that ‘students are the future of the country, they will be the future policy makers, and so they must start taking interest in it.’

He added that it is the responsibility of the academia to peak interests in elections, voting and politics because politics starts with individualism.

Prof Samina Khan pointed out that students must start understanding the current political scenario of the country. She encouraged the students by saying that AMU as an academic institution should come together and decide the outlook of future bills of the parliament.

Prof Sufyan Beg, when asked about his opinion about activism and protests in the campus, said that in order to be heard, you do not have to be loud. He added that to have an opinion, one does not need to encourage rowdiness and forcefulness.

He further said that the truth is that the youth in our country lacks awareness of the important issues which is the main reason why students distance themselves from politics.

AMU PRO, Mr Omar S Peerzada appreciated the efforts of the Literary Coordinators, Mohammad Faisal Noor and Saiful Wali Khan, in organizing a panel discussion on politics despite being students of engineering background. He added that this is the need of the hour.

“We need students from different backgrounds, coming together and joining hands in Nation building”, said Mr Peerzada adding that the decisions are made by those in power, while students studying in universities are more likely to be in full effect by the time they graduate and hence, they need to be involved.