Bahujan Kranti Morcha organises rally in Mumbai, asks for separate courts for Dalit atrocity cases in all districts

Text and Video by Shiva Thorat

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The Bahujan Kranti Morcha, an umbrella organisation of various representatives of marginalised groups, organised a rally in Mumbai to press for a number of demands, including separate court for Dalit atrocity cases.

The rally was organised in Azad Maidan and was attended by over 3,000 people. It followed meetings in 36 district o Maharashtra in which people were mobilised under the banner of ‘Mulnivasi. Nilesh Chavan, one of the organisers of Bahujan Kranti Morcha, spoke with “We are holding this rally to give a life of dignity to the Nomadic tribes, Dalits, Muslims and Women. The present government is more exploitative than what we thought. This is an attempt to respond to the actions of the government”.

Kalabai Dattu Ghadge who came from Motha Khanda village near Panvel, New Bombay along with five families, said their house had been recently destroyed by the municipality authorities. She said, “The Kranti morcha should listen to our demands too if they are fighting for the marginalised”.

The Morcha also demanded that the Lingayat community should get the separate title of religion.

The most number of people at the rally were Muslims. Ansari, a madrasa teacher from Mankhurd, Mumbai, said, “Dalits and Muslims are coming together and this is a promising sign. Together, then can beat an exploitative system like Brahmanism”.

Periyar Annan Sangam, an organisation from Dharavi, Mumbai who fight against religious superstition and caste also joined to show support. Ravichandran, the chairperson of the organisation said, “Wherever we see signs of unity, we join. We are here to show solidarity with our fellow Maharashtrians.