India less violent than last year, but less peaceful than last decade, says Human rights watchdog

By Siddhant Mohan,

A recent report released by Vision of Humanity, a human rights watchdog present around the globe has revealed hat India has seen less public violence than 2016, but the situation had worsened when compared to the last decade.

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The report, alternatively, defies Amit Shah, the national president of BJP who claimed that there were more lynching incidents during Congress government of ten years, but no one protested about it.

As per the report, India is suffering more violence than countries like Brazil, China, South Africa and Bangladesh where social scenario is measured in terms of public violence.

India is ranked at 137, which is few ranks just behind Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Syria. The list was made with 163 countries and India has moved up four positions from its last year’s rank of 141.

Interestingly, India is just few steps ahead of its latest ally Israel, which is ranked at position 144 in the Global Peace Index. Among all South Asian countries Bhutan has the highest rank of 13 when it comes to aiding to global peace.

The report mentions the mid-2016 Kashmir tension as one of the important reason behind why India failed to substantially improve its position in the index. It reads, “This has largely been due to a reduction in level of violent crime, driven by increased law enforcement.”

Further it says, “Meanwhile, unrest in Indian-administered Kashmir in mid-2016 raised tensions between India and its neighbor Pakistan, with the number of deaths from external conflict increasing in both countries. The unresolved dispute over Kashmir remains the central issue in Indo-Pakistani relations.”

India’s operations to enhance its nuclear arsenal and to beef-up its armory has also made significant impact over what position India holds. And to a bitter note, it aligns India with Pakistan and North Korea for defying the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

“The total number of nuclear weapons has fallen dramatically since the height of the cold war, yet Indian, Pakistani and North Korean defiance of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) means that there are now more countries that possess nuclear weapon capability,” reads the report.

When talking about the economic cost of the violence, the report added that ndia loses 8.6 percent of its GDP to violence. The economic cost of violence in India in 2016 was $742 billion (INR 47.5 lakh crore). This accounts for $566 (Rs 36,500) per capita.

in the area of the militarization domain, ranked by the most peaceful to the least, India has the worsening condition. India, bearing the score of 2.447, is just few points ahead of Pakistan (2.511). Countries behind India are Ukrain, UK, Iraq, Libya, France, Saudi Arabia, Oman, US, Syria, North Korea, Russia and Israel as the least peaceful country.

The map of the world shown in the report also cuts of the disputed Kashmir from Indian side and gives it to Pakistan.