Samajwadi Party’s troubles will not end with UP election results

By Faisal Fareed,

Whatever be the election results, Uttar Pradesh is all set to witness another showdown in Samajwadi Party. SP’s national president Akhilesh Yadav will have to face another tussle within the Yadav family as the truce which occurred during elections appears temporary.

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Though Akhilesh became national president of SP ousting his father Mulayam Singh Yadav in January, the chair appears shaky for him. In the case of any loss in polls, as the exit polls are predicting, the road ahead will be difficult for Akhilesh.

Already, enough indicators have been given openly by Yadav family members which make things clear as writing on the wall. Firstly during elections Shivpal Yadav, uncle of Akhilesh, announced that he will form his own party after March 11 ie; results of the polls. He, however, was toned down with the intervention of Mulayam. Shivpal, however, has been totally sidelined in SP and has been confined only to Jaswantnagar where he is contesting. Mulayam, however, held two meetings in his support. Shivpal now has to carve out his own political career. His role in SP led by Akhilesh is over. Obviously, he may align with other parties and even part ways from SP.

The major challenge faced by Akhilesh is now from his stepmother Sadhna Yadav. She for the first time in a calculated move has come out and elaborated her plans. A parliament berth for his son Prateek, active role in decision making and doing politics from the front. Already her daughter in law Aparna Yadav has contested assembly polls.

The emergence of Sadhna will be detrimental for Akhilesh. His position in SP will be at stake. After a tussle of nearly four years, he has succeeded in eliminating various power centres in the party. It will again lead to a resurgence of parallel power centres.

Further, it will be difficult for Akhilesh to retain his grip on the party. Again the same story of untoward remarks within the party coming from various quarters will be repeated.

In the meantime, this election irrespective of results has given an advantage to Akhilesh. He is now the only leader in SP. He has discovered a new star in SP in form of his better half Dimple Yadav who toured the state single-handedly and addressed rallies. His decisions are now no more questioned. There is no reconsideration of his decisions after recommendations of other members of the family.

In no way, Akhilesh will like to lose his status. As he had responded to Sadhna’s remarks—I have not heard them as my ears are not receiving anything since I have just alighted from a helicopter.

The new axis within the Yadav family will be again—Sadhna, Shivpal and obvious Mulayam being on their side and Akhilesh with Ramgopal on the other side.

In coming days there will be many developments and don’t be surprised if the 25 year old party breaks up as Akhilesh has remarked—there are conspiracies at every level.