First TCN Movie ‘The Suspect’ screened in Mumbai, available for rent on YouTube Staff Reporter

A Hindi-Mathili short film ‘The Suspect’ based on youth who get falsely​ implicated in terror cases, was screened in Mumbai yesterday. The screening was done in Firstlook Preview Theater based in Andheri (West).

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Attended by 25-30 people that included people from film industry, social activists and functionaries of Jamiat ulama -i-Maharashtra, an NGO that provides legal assistance to the accused who are wrongly implicated in terror cases.

Discussion took place after screening of the film which involved questions from the audience. Director of the film Nitin Neera Chandra and Advocate T. Pathan took questions and tried to answer them.

Most of the audience members were curious to know if such cases, as portrayed in the film, happen in the real life too. Advocate Pathan answered this and listed several such cases where young Muslims were put under the charges of terror cases, while they were trying to live a normal life.

Audience asked director Chandra that why he specifically chose this topic for a short film. Chandra said, “There was a case where one Muslim guy was released after 23 year of wrongful conviction. I gone through that story and thought to make a film on it.”

Moreover, audience member asked Chandra why he didn’t make a full length feature film as he dealt with the topic beautifully, to which Chandra opined that Film was made through crowd funding and only a short film was possible with such limited resources. Such an unusual request came from the audience because they wanted to see what happens after a Muslim is implicated in terror cases.

People asked Adv. T Pathan if the role of judiciary can be questioned in such cases. T Pathan replied that judiciary does not run on emotions, but on evidences. If investigation agencies make up the evidence on which Judiciary can rely upon, youth will be convicted based on those evidences.

Lead actor of film Durgesh Kumar was asked by the audience about how he managed to perform the role of Abdul Rahim Ansari, to which Durgesh said that he thought of what people caught in actual situation would react like, that helped him in getting through the role. co-produced this movie along with Neo Bihar and Champaran Talkies.

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