“Love Jihad” controversy resurfaces in Rajasthan, thanks to the Vishwa Hindu Parishad

By TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter

After a few months of silence, the issue of ‘Love Jihad’ has again come under the spotlight after Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) claimed yesterday that Muslim men are being paid to convert Hindu women to Islam.

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VHP’s state committee is also distributing booklets pertaining to the same claim. The booklets, which are being distributed in Jodhpur district, claim that Muslim men are being paid, most likely by Pakistan, to marry Hindu girls and left them being Muslim for their whole life.

Reportedly, the book also discusses the price at which the conversion is happening.

“This is a dangerous trend. Muslim men convert these Hindu girls and then physically abuse them, after which they are left to fend for themselves. We’re in touch with some of these girls who were rejected by Muslim men. We are talking to them and it has made us aware of the realities of the world,” CNN-News18 quoted Amit Dadhich, the state vice president of Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

He also said that the entire conversion “racket” has links to Pakistan and that it has spread across the country.

“Police will be held responsible if there is any untoward incident. The trend is known to everyone and the police are not doing anything about it,” added Dadhich. “When Hindu families come and complain about their daughters going missing or showing unusual behaviour, the cops blame the parents for not taking care of their children. The police are absolutely negligent,” he said.

The booklet comes days after the Rajasthan High Court raised questions over the inter-religion marriage, followed by alleged conversion of 22-year-old Payal Sanghvi. Court, however, showed anger over the police’s negligence in registering the FIR, as it was hearing a habeas corpus filed by Sanghvi’s brother.

However, the girl denied that she was pressurised for marriage and conversion and took the decision according to her own will.