Want to help Kerala? Use these links to help people affected by floods

By TwoCircles.net Staff Reporter

With Kerala floods wreaking havoc in the region, calls for help from all sections of society are getting stronger and louder. Donation camps have been set up in all major cities across the country but you can also contribute through online transfers and purchases to ensure that you help as many people as possible in just 5 minutes.

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Here are some of the ways you can make a contribution for Kerala floods no matter where you are located:

  1. Chief Minister’s Relief Fund: Donate directly to the Kerala Chief Minister’s Relief Fund through a bank transfer: All details are available here.

  2. Amazon: Use the Amazon App/website to donate to one of the three NGOs. More details available here.

  3. Paytm app: In case you do have the time to add a beneficiary to your bank account for transferring to the Kerala Chief Minister’s Relief Fund, simply make the contribution through your Paytm app.

  4. Milaap: You can also contribute to crowdfunding Milaap’s Rs 1 crore goal toward buying essentials like ration, bed and kitchen sets. Click here for all the details.

  5. Use the Big Basket App/website to buy and send an essential kit worth Rs 146 containing rice, sugar and dal in partnership with Goonj, an NGO.

  6. Donate to Oxfam, an NGO working on the ground, here.

  7. Ketto: An international crowdfunding site, has also started a fund relief page. Click here to donate.

Please note: Mahila Samakhya is providing food, shelter and healthcare to Dalit and Adivasi girls in Wayanad and Idukki district. Contributions can be made to Kerala Mahila Samakhya Society. Here are the details:

Account number: 6739401631

Address: SBI Vazhuthacaud, Trivandrum
IFSC code: sbin00070033