Wali Rahmani’s ‘Sawaal – the election anthem’ is a trend setter to raise #questions

from Wali Rahmani's You tube channel

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Wali Rahmani, 1st year Law student in Delhi is a social media celebrity who has his own Youtube channel which he uses to motivate the youth and adults alike though his talks on various social and political issues. Wali is also a social activist who has taken upon himself the responsibility to fight against hatred and also expose fake news that circulate on social media.

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Two days back he release his new video called ‘Sawaal -The election Anthem’ which has already garnered close to 40000 views.

Twocircles.net caught up with the young influencer to know more.

“One of the most common things happening today is if you raise any questions , you are called anti-national. I quote Napeleon here, ‘ The world suffers not because of bad people but because of the silence of good people.” He said sharing his view on the current state of affairs.

“There are only a handful of people who are spreading the terror but their voices are loud hence they are heard. While the voices of the people who love peace and talk of peace are supressed. So it is important to be heard which I am using social media to get people listen, “ he says

The reason why he made ‘Sawal’ , he said is we are educated enough to learn what we are being taught but not educated enough to question what we are taught.

“If there is no accountability and no one asks questions then it wont be a democratic set up.Through the video I want to start a trend with the youth to ask questions. There is no need of being affiliated to political parties, just ask questions.”

He found the lyrics of the song on face book wherein Md Imtiyaz had posted a poem written by him.

“And when I read it I realised it is like a rap song. So I asked him if I could make it into a rap song. He gladly gave permission.”

And the idea to make it into Manto style occurred after watching the movie ‘ Manto’ which inspired him greatly.  In the video Wali plays the role of Manto and the 2 rappers are singing the song in the background.

The 2 rappers are twins Adil and Aman from his college. Adnan another student from 3rd year has shot the video.

Wali Rahmani has more than 261000 subscribers for his YouTube channel and another 2 lakh followers on face book.   In view of the upcoming elections this is his second video. The first one is How to defeat BJP in 2019 which has 1.83 lakh views and the second is Sawaal the Election Anthem.

Watch both the videos:


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