NotoWar trending on social media shows that people want peace

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Over the past few days, Indian media, political leaders and the public have gone on an overdrive congratulating each other over the news that the Indian Air Force bombed the ‘pakistani terrorist hubs of JeM’.

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After the death of 49 CRPF jawans on February 14 in Pulwama, Indians went into a shock but retaliated on February 25, when IAF wrecked havoc in the Pakistani ‘terrorist camps’.

And according to the latest trending topics on the social media, Pakistan is now seeking to reply in a fitting manner. As of Wednesday,  one IAF pilot had been captured by Pakistan which is likely to further escalate tensions.

Calls for war are being further fuelled by the Media, who have left no stone unturned to dramatise the whole issue with their heavy punch lines and dialogues, thus starting a war even before it has begun.

While one section of the public is sending messages on WhatsApp and other social media platforms to claim victory of Indian soldiers, there is another section which is saying #Notohate.

On social media, a number of citizens from both sides are advocating for peace and to their respective governments with hashtags #NotoWar; #Dalitbahujansfor peace; #Indopakpeace; #togetherwewin trending on Twitter.

Here are some of the tweets which called for an end to war:

Bhupendra chaubey of CNN says:

Another Twitter user Dalit Diva‏ @dalitdiva says: While there are numerous cries for attacks on Pakistan, the bodies that will die in a war will always be DBA bodies. We don’t want to fight a Sanghi war. This aggression is an excellent distraction from the domestic policies targeting minority communities. #DalitBahujansforpeace

In the wake of activist Mukilan missing from the last 3 days; some twitter users are asking in their tweets whether we can use some of the high tech equipments used for war to search Mukilan? tagging #WhereisMukilan

Another twitter user wrote that war is for warmongers and not for Dalits.

,  of Pakistani origin  a politician , member in the house of Lords in UK  tweeted “Do not celebrate war” appealing both Pakistanis and Indians to not turn against each other and say #Notowar

Wasim Akram the former cricket captain of Pakistan also expressed sorrow over the terror atacks and tweeted we are both fighting the same battle saying #Notowar; #togetherwewin

Malala Yousufzai, nobel laureate tweeted requesting both the PM of India and Pakistan to settle the conflict of kashmir taging #Saynotowar

Tooba Syed requested I as a citizen of Pakistan request my govt to treat the “captive” Indian pilot well and send him back ASAP as a gesture of peace. Come on Pakistan you can do this #SayNoToWar.

Neha Rathi, a supreme court lawyer in her tweet says our PM wants to get back in power in the coming elections

And the women in Pakistan have organised a#Auratazadimarch to end war mongering.

It is clear that attacks and counter attacks are not going to solve the problem, talks should be initiated and peace be given a chance.