Jamiat to organize conference against Mob-lynching in Delhi on 4th August

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In a consultative meeting held yesterday in the Jamiat central office ITO in New Delhi, the Jamiat Ulama- I- Hind has decided that with the increasing number of mob-lynching against Muslims and Dalits in the country, to hold Aman and Ekta Sammelan in New Delhi on August 04, 2019. The objective is to promote an atmosphere of peace, fraternity and brotherhood among the people of India and counter the message of hate, perpetuated under the garb of vide-recorded cruel mob-lynching.

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Leaders of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind noted that some section of minority community are feeling restless and anxious due to these incidents. In this situation, Jamiat has decided to play an active role in promoting goodwill, brotherhood, peace and fraternity and in bringing trust and confidence in the concerned community with the active collaboration of likeminded people in the country.

For the conference Jamiat will invite religious leaders of Hindu faith and other religions to send across the message of peace, fraternity and brotherhood in the country and clear-cut reply for those spreading fear and hate.

In the meeting the members also deliberated upon different issue of holding a session at Deoband, U.P to mark the 100 years of its foundation. After due deliberation it was decided that a Grand Session for celebrating 100 years shall be held on November, 20-22, 2020. Maulana Mahmood Madani, General Secretary of Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind while deliberating upon the 100 years of Jamiat foundation said that the history of Jamiat was the history of Muslim community of India. Since the history is replete with intense struggle, sacrifice and achievement and is a beacon of light for the future generation, therefore different programmes related to 100 years shall be celebrated at district and state level. Apart from this, seminars and conferences shall also be held on the life and contribution of the ancestors of the Jamait to popularize its message.