24 year old Tabrez beaten up by mob whole night, dies in hospital after 2 days

Image courtesy: The indian express

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Shamz Tabrez Ansari was caught by a mob who accused him of stealing a motorcycle on 18th June, tied to a pole and beaten up mercilessly the whole night with heavy objects and handed over to the police in the morning when he fell unconscious.

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The police took him to a local hospital and then shifted him to the district jail and when his condition worsened they took him to another hospital where he was declared dead on June 22.

According to relatives, Shamz and 2 of his friends were going home to Kharsawan district of Jharkhand from Jamshedpur when they were attacked on suspicion of stealing a motorcycle. A motorcycle theft had taken place and the crazy mob caught Tabrez and his two friends who managed to escape and started beating him up. And when they learnt he was a Muslim the mob began to force him to chant slogans hailing Hindu deities.

Videos of the mob beating Tabrez and asking him to chant “Jai Shri Ram” and “Jai Hanuman” and that of Tabrez begging to be spared have gone viral over the social media.

The police, however, allegedly, did not allow the relatives of Tabrez to meet him at the police station and did not even inform them when they took him to the Sadar hospital.

His relatives also alleged that he could have been saved had the police, instead of taking him to jail, taken him to a good hospital and given proper medical treatment.

A FIR has been filed and investigations are being done. The relatives of Shamz Tabrez want action taken against the mob and also against the police.

People have reacted strongly over the inaction of the Government after watching  the videos of mob lynching that went viral, as can be seen in their posts on social media.

Hyderabad MP has tweeted:

Sueetha Krishnan of CPI (M) says, the sloganeering by BJP MPs that hapened when Owaisi was taking  oath in parliament is a cue for the fascist mob on ground.