presents US tour of Author and Historian Rana Safvi

We at is honored and excited to bring to the United States Rana Safvi for a lecture tour of several cities. Details of events in cities, topics, and other details are provided below:

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Sunday March 3: Where Stones speak : Historical Trails in first city of Delhi in Newark, California.
Saturday March 16: Dastaan-e-Delhi : Accounts of Love, Loss and Betrayal in Delhi 1857 in San Diego, California.
Sunday March 24: Teaneck, New Jersey
Tuesday March 26: Columbia University
Sunday March 31: Understanding Sir Syed through Asar-us-Sanadid in Washington DC organized by Aligarh Alumni Association- Washington DC.
April 3: Boston University
April 6: Natick, Massachusetts

She has published six books so far on culture, history, and monuments of India. Two more books to be published later this year. She is a columnist with The Hindu writing a fortnightly column called Where Stones Speak.

1. Where Stones speak : Historical Trails in first city of Delhi
2. Tales from the Quran and Hadith ( part of Memorable books of 2017 on Amazon) – Juggernaut
3. Dastan-e-Ghadar: The Tale of the Mutiny [Translation] – Penguin Random House
4. The Forgotten Cities of Delhi – Harper Collins India
5. Asar–us–Sanadid (The Remnants of Ancient Heroes) – Tulika Books, New Delhi
6. City of My Heart: Accounts of Love, Loss and Betrayal in Nineteenth – Century Delhi For Hachette India
Upcoming books: For Hachette India to be published by end of 2019 : working title is History of Sufism in India and The City that Shah Jahan Built for Harper Collins India which will complete the Delhi trilogy.