Dalits and Tribals call for Bharat Band on March 5

Photo: Pappu Siddiqui

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Tribals and Dalits have called for a nation wide bandh tomorrow march 5th, 2019, Tuesday to protest the SC order for eviction of tribals from the forests in 16 states in India.

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The order of the Supreme court gave the order on 13 February but the written order was passed on 20th February in which the court has ordered the eviction of lakhs of tribals and traditional forest dwellers to be evicted from the forests as their claims were rejected.

This order came in the wake of a petition filed by some NGOs and activists who challenged the Forest Rights Act, 2006 and demanded for the eviction of the tribals and the subsequent failure of the defendant lawyers who were absent at the hearing and did not present their side. The 3 judge bench then passed the above mentioned order.

The center has however filed a plea to the apex court to modify the order as it affects the lives of nearly 1.89 million tribals. The court had earlier withheld the order giving time to the states to file their affidavits but has again stayed the matter.

The tribals are demanding for restoration of the  Forest Rights Act for protection of their rights. The Dalit groups are also joining in in this protest to support the tribals.

Along with the restoration of FRA the Dalits are demanding for an ordinance to passed against the 13 point rooster system and restore the reservations system that benefits SCs and STs.

The bandh will be a peaceful one in their respective places.