Makkah Masjid, Hyderabad to Masjid Al Noor, New Zealand – Muslims becoming target of terrorism

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Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee (CLMC) expresses its anguish on terror attack on Muslims in New Zealand and extended its solidarity to the families of victims of terror attack and to the people of New Zealand. In a press statement CLMC states that the one of the worst terror attack and targeted killing of Muslims in the mosques of New Zealand is the manifestation of growing trend of anti-Muslim hatred perpetuated through proganda war against Muslims by USA imperialist mind set.

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 The unfortunate fact remains that the USA agencies are prompting this vexatious hatred against the Muslims. The US president in the aftermath of mysterious 9/11 attack used the word “crusade” and even in this horrific terror attacks, the terrorist used the same words, as if it was implanted in him. US agencies are working towards and providing systematic training to its agents, and positioning them for promoting hatred against Muslims. They are using film industry, print and electronic media and these agents are more active on social media to promote hateful and malicious information. Now it is proved beyond any doubt that USA is pushing the world towards a new crusade to protect its imperialist interest. US President Donald trump has issued such hateful and malicious statements based up on his racial ideology which is polluting the minds of young generation of western countries. The fact is that the main cause of Terror attack on Mosques is Trump’s ideology and his war mongering which is promoting terrorism and boosting the terrorist groups. Trump’s ideology is responsible for terror attack on Mosques in New Zealand and what is anticipated to happen more in near future also.

 This attack also reminds the bombing carried out by the Hindutva terrorists in the Makkah Masjid of Hyderabad city of India. Though the attack carried out by different groups but they have the same modus operandi, ideology, mind-set and they may have connection with each other. It should be noted that the root cause of Terrorism is US imperialism, Israeli Zionism and Hindutva fascism. These evil forces are biggest threat to life of human beings, peace cannot be prevails under the existence of anti-human forces. If we want peace and harmony on this planet earth these three evil forces should be neutralized.