Muslims and Dalits to hold joint protest against demolition of Guru Ravidas temple

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Representatives from the Muslim community have lent their support to the Dalit Community in their demand to re-build the Guru Ravidas temple at the same place where it stood 500 years ago in Tughlakabad forest area.

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The ancient temple was demolished on 10th August on the orders of the Supreme Court by the DDA ( Delhi Development Authority) and the supreme court had also ordered that no one should object/ protest this order as the demolition was done to widen the road.

However the follows of the Guru were enraged as their sentiments were hurt and they saw a political move behind the demolition of a heritage site that belonged to the Dalits and was revered by them.

Followers of Guru Ravidas are spread in many countries not just in India and they have all been staging protests against this unjust act and have been demanding the construction of the temple on the same site.

On September 15th a massive protest has been planned for which the leaders from several Muslim organizations have pledged support and will join the Dalits in the protest in Delhi.

In a press conference on Sunday, Mulana Fazlul Manan Shahi, the Imam of Teele Wali Masjid in Lucknow, said, “We feel the pain caused by the temple’s demolition as we have gone through a similar experience. We share the grief of our Dalit brothers. We will be there to rebuild the temple.”

Earlier on 21st of August, Bhim army chief Chandrashekhar Azad and his supporters who were protesting were arrested and charged with rioting.

Muslim leaders from the All India Muslim personal law board, Anjuman-e-Haideri, Imams of various mosques will all join in the protest along with hundreds of Muslims to demand the construction of the temple at the original site.

The Dalits have claimed they have all the relevant records of the land yet it was demolished and the land acquired by the government.

The protesters will also demand the release of Chandrashekhar Azad and his party members who are still in jail.

The protest march will be held at the site where the temple stood.