In just declared UPSC results, 43 Muslim candidates make the list

Pic-सफ़ना नजरुदीन टॉपर -2019 त्रिवेंद्रम

By Aas Mohammad Kaif, TwoCircles.Net 

New Delhi: Forty-three Muslim candidates have made to the list of just released results by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

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However, according to the results of the Civil Services 2019, only one Muslim candidate has been able to make it to the coveted Indian Administration Service (IAS).

Although 43 out of a total of 829 selected candidates are Muslims, most of them do not have a high enough rank to qualify for the IAS.

Surprisingly, not a single Muslim made it to the top 20 on the list this year and only one Muslim is in the top 100. The representation of Muslim youth from North India has also reduced drastically. More than half of the youth selected are from South India.

The complete list includes, Safna Nazrudeen (rank 45), Sheikh Mohammed Zeb Zakir (rank 153), Romiza Fatima (rank 185), Nongze Mohammad Akram Shah (rank 188), Sameer Ahmed (rank 193), Suthan Abdullah (rank 209), Sophia (rank 241), Asrar Ahmed Kichlu (rank 248), Noor-ul Qamar (rank 252), Azmal Shahzad Ali (rank 254), Farman Ahmed Khan (rank 258), Mohammad Shafiq (rank 292), Sufiyan Ahmed (rank 303), Azharuddin Zahirdin Qazi (rank 315), Asif Yusuf Tantre (328), Ahmed Bilal Anwar (332), Nadia Baig (rank 350), Aashiq Ali (rank 367), Mohammad Yaqoob (385), Sahul Hameed (rank 388), Shaheen C (rank 396), Shabbir Alam (rank 403), Aftab Rasool (rank 412), Shiaz Chem (422), Ahmed Aashiq (rank 460), Mohammad Nadeemuddin (rank 461), Sayyid Zahid Ali (rank 476), Mohammad Danish (rank 487), Mohammad Kamrudin Khan (rank 511), Maz Akhtar (rank 529), Mohammad Aqil (579), Rihan Khatri (rank 596), Sameer Raza (rank 603), Faisal Khan (rank 611), Saifullah (rank 623), Sabzar Ahmed (628), Majid Iqbal Khan (rank 638), Firoz Alam (rank 645), Ruhna Tufail Khan (rank 718), Rais Hussain (rank 747), Mohammad Nawas Sharfuddin (rank 778), Sheikh Soaib (rank 823), and Sayyed Junaid Adil (rank 824).

The merit list of UPSC this year was topped by Pradeep Singh while Jatin Kishore was placed second and Pratibha Verma stood third.

Compared to results in 2017 and 2018, this year’s result is disappointing for the minority Muslim community.

A Muslim youth Junaid Ahmad stood third in 2018, while another youth Saad Mian Khan was at 25th rank in 2017. There were 52 successful Muslim candidates in 2017 and 41 in 2018. However, there has been a decline in higher rank holders this year.

These are the final results of the Civil Services (Main) examination of 2019. Some of the interviews this year had been postponed due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The highest rank from the country’s largest minority group has been bagged this year by a young woman, Safna Nazrudeen who is ranked 45. She is the only Muslim this year who has cleared the bar for the IAS. The success of Nazruddin from Trivandrum, Kerala has been hailed as an inspiring story, especially for women.