Union Budget 2021 lacks farsightedness, disappointing for common people: IUML

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New Delhi: The Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) MPs on Monday said that the Union Budget presented in the Parliament lacks farsightedness and is bereft of any ideas and remedial measures for already struggling economy.

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The Union Government failed to acknowledge the growing resentment among the working class and farmers, said PK Kunhalikutty, Member of Parliament-LS. Instead of extending a helping hand to the ordinary people, the government’s focus is upon the ‘welfare’ of Multinational Corporates, he added. The sole objective of the privatization and disinvestment programs is not for the welfare of the common people, but to maximize crony capitalists’ profit, MP said.

“What we have witnessed today in India is a result of the government policy of selling and privatization, which helped the Corporates and put a hardship on the ordinary people. Farmers’ agitation on Republic day was a result of this policy. However, instead of learning from the recent development, the government follows the same policy more vigorously,” stated Kunhalikutty MP.

The Budget expected to announce specific policies and programs that would rejuvenate the economy shattered by the financial crisis and Covid-19 pandemic, he said. The Finance Minister enlisted several achievements in her speech, but we doubt that the effects are not felt among the common people. If people of the country are happy, we would not have witnessed mass protests across the nation, he added.

Though the minister has mentioned a lot about self-reliance, ironically, the present government policies are making our country more dependable on others, said, ET Muhammed Basheer, Member of Parliament -LS. Government is following a dangerous policy of selling national assets and privatization. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic began, our economy was in bad shape due to the present-day government’s ill-conceived policies. Covid-19 has amplified the economic crisis in our country. However, the Union Budget has offered nothing substantially to overcome the crisis, added ET Muhammed Basheer. The Union Budget ignored the marginalized sections including OBCs and Minorities and no new welfare schemes have been found in the Budget for the OBCs, said the MP.