Renowned Muslim women scholars call for adopting Islamic teachings for ‘happy family, stronger society’

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New Delhi: Muslim women intellectuals and scholars from around the world on Tuesday unanimously gave a clarion call to adopt Islamic teachings for nurturing a happy family and a stronger society.

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The intellectuals and speakers were speaking at an international webinar on the central theme of the ongoing 10-day campaign `Strong Family, Strong Society’, organized by the Department of Women, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind (JIH).  The campaign is being conducted from Feb 19 to Feb 28, 2021.

Global Muslim women scholars like Dr. Zeenath Kausar from Malaysia, Yasmin Mogahed from USA, Dr. Sabrina Lei from Italy, Dr. Mahera Rubey from UK, Shareefa Fadhel from Qatar, and Rahamathunnissa, India spoke on the different aspects and issues related to the family and the social system.

Renowned Malaysian educator and scholar Dr. Zeenath Kausar expressing her views on the topic ‘Present Scenario of Families across the World’, said, “now there are decreasing rates of marriage and increasing rates of divorces and emerging new non-conventional families including LGBTQ.  The root causes for them are the liberalism and feminist ideologies of the West. Now new liberal and radical thoughts, which are emerging from them, have direct evil implications on the institution of the family. One of them is absolute sexual and reproductive rights, which actually means separating sexuality and reproductive rights from marriage and the family. Secondly, in vitro fertilization, surrogate mothering and several other technologies which are exploited by non-marital reproduction components. For that reason they have created avenues for non-marital families and adultery.” She has underlined that family is the primary institution from which all other institutions emerge. “If there is no family, there will be no institution and no institution means no society. If there is no society, there will be a jungle of wild forest of unorganized human beings. Family is the first university which teaches us values of love, care and sacrifice,” she added.

An Arab female entrepreneur and scholar from Qatar Shareefa Fadhel speaking on ‘Impact of Family Condition on Economic, Social and Political Scenario’, focused on the husband-wife responsibilities, distribution of works, home economics and housekeeping.  Calling households just like small firms and businesses, she said that they played a main role in social production as well as a large role in the development of the country and the economy. She called for recognizing the value of domestic work, mother, and the extended family. “Teach your children the basic economics. It includes roles and responsibilities, planning, teamwork, savings and investments, and creating a reward system. Women have an important role. If you are a woman, take care. You are an important brick of society like a man. Marriage is the binding and joining of two parties beyond two people. It is between two families and two communities. A new brick is laid with every new formation of a family and that is an integral part of society,” she added.

Expert on the family issues, Dr. Mahera Rubey, from the United Kingdom, talking on ‘Building bond between husband and wife’, stressed upon developing the attitude of gratitude. She cited various verses from the holy Quran and sayings of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) for strengthening the conjugal relationships. She quoted the Quran, which says, ‘Another of His signs is that He created spouses from among yourselves for you to live with in tranquillity: He ordained love and kindness between you.’ Citing the Prophet quotation, she has explained that love and security are the two essentials, which a spouse needs from the partner. The Prophet said, “the best of you is the one who is best to his wife and I am the best of you to my wives.”

Noted woman Muslim scholar from Italy Dr. Sabrina Lei, presenting her views on the topic ‘Family Life Supports and Safeguards Spiritual and Moral Aspects of Life’, thanked Jamaat-e-Islami Hind for conducting the campaign on a theme, which is not only important for the Muslim community but for the future of the world. She said, “India is known for tolerance and harmony. I pray to Allah for strengthening peace, justice and harmony in the country. They are also required for nurturing a family system, for which Islam teaches us.”

US based writer and scholarYasmin Mogahed speaking on her topic ‘Magic of maintaining relationships’ called for keeping balanced relations with each member of the family and investing required time on each other. Advising to abide by the guidelines directed by Allah Almighty regarding family life, she said, “Our relations should not revolve around merely on any member of the family. Conjugal relations should not be ignored because of the children or parents, or vice versa. It is injustice to neglect any member of the family due to another.”

Concluding the webinar, the Campaign in-charge and Co-secretary of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind Rahamathunnissa, said, “If you want to maintain a good relationship, let us focus on the good aspects of the people. Islam teaches us a very practical, simple and natural system of the family life. Let us adopt it and learn more about it. We become more spiritual and complete our faith by getting married. So, my advice to youngsters is to get married without delay. The basic idea of the family system, why Islam has given it importance, is because every person’s basic need is fulfilled in it. That is why it is considered worship in Islam. In the name of liberty, people abandon families and values. In that process they ironically get enslaved and trapped in unwanted relationships and drug addicts. Initially, you get attracted. In the long run, when you lose charm, beauty, and health you realize what went wrong.”

Fakhira Atheeq, Assistant Secretary of JIH Women’s department proposed a vote of thanks to the speakers, the participants and the hosts.