Hyderabad: Women protestors demand strict legal action against suspended BJP MLA Raja Singh

Women protesting against BJP MLA Raja Singh for his derogatory remarks against Prophet Muhammad. | Picture by arrangement

The protest against BJP MLA Raja Singh was held at Ambedkar Statue, Hussain Sagar (Tank Bund) in Hyderabad. 

TCN Staff Reporter 

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HYDERABAD (TELANGANA) — Several women in Hyderabad city in Telangana Wednesday held a protest against the now-suspended Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Raja Singh for his derogatory comments against Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), Islam’s most revered figure. 

The protest was held at Ambedkar Statue, Hussain Sagar (Tank Bund) in Hyderabad. 

On August 22, the BJP MLA Raja Singh released a video criticising stand-up comedian Munawar Faruqui, who recently performed in the city. Singh is also purportedly seen making comments against the religion in it. Several people belonging to the community staged protests in various parts of the city on Monday night demanding Singh’s arrest. Next day, the BP Singh for allegedly making controversial remarks targeting Prophet Mohammad, hours after he was arrested by the police.

“This is not the first time that this BJP leader has vomited venom against the Prophet and Muslims. He was arrested and later released but the Telangana police should not work negligently and give scope to the culprits trying to disturb law and order,” a press statement released by the women protestors said. 

One of the women protestors said that “simply arresting Raja Singh under simple acts and then releasing him reveals non-seriousness of the police department and soft corner towards people who spread hate and cause unrest in the peaceful environment of Hyderabad.” 

Raja Singh and other BJP leaders are trying hard to create unrest and communal hatred in Telangana especially targeting Hyderabad, she said. 

Raja Nawal Singh Lodh, popularly known as Raja Singh has been in the eye of many political storms, having 60 criminal cases against him for hate speeches. He proclaims himself to be ‘the protector of Hindu Dharma.’

In his earlier speeches, he has referred to the old city of Hyderabad as “mini Pakistan,” called the Rohingya refugees “terrorists who should be shot down,” had threatened to burn down cinema halls if the movie Padmavat was screened. Despite several complaints against him, no serious action has ever been taken. 

“This will not be tolerated by the peace-loving people of Hyderabad. Muslims and non-Muslims live with love and affection in this city of peace and harmony. Anyone trying to create hatred and spread venomous ideology will be given a befitting reply,” the women said. 

The protesting women demanded the government of Telangana take strict action against such hatred-spreading leaders of the BJP and instruct its police department to not allow any disruption of peace and harmony. 

“We demand that Raja Singh be arrested and strict legal action should be taken against him so that he doesn’t dare to repeat his hatred in this state,” they said.