Known for his honesty and simple life, Alam Badi becomes MLA for the fifth time

Alam Badi after becoming MLA for the fifth time. | Picture by arrangement

Between the politics of muscle power and money power in Purvanchal, Alam Badi has made a mark for himself due to his simplicity and truthfulness.

Aakil Hussain |

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UTTAR PRADESH — Samajwadi Party leader Alam Badi, 86, has won the election from the Nizamabad Assembly of Azamgarh. Alam Badi is known as one of the most honest leaders of Uttar Pradesh. He defeated Manoj Yadav of BJP by more than 35,000 votes. Alam Badi has been elected for the fifth time from this constituency.

Between the politics of muscle power and money power in Purvanchal, he has made a mark for himself due to his simplicity and truthfulness.

Nizamabad is one of the hot seats of Purvanchal. Nizamabad is home to the tomb of the Sufi saint Nizam-ud-din; Guru Nanak Dev stayed in the Gurdwara here; it is also the birthplace of the famous poet of the modern era, Ayodhya Singh Hariodh.

Alam Badi is a mechanical engineer. After completing his studies, initially, he did a job in Gorakhpur but taking inspiration from Jawaharlal Nehru, Subhash Chandra Bose and Mahatma Gandhi, he started doing social service.

Alam Badi won his first election in 1996 from Nizamabad Assembly on Samajwadi Party’s ticket. In 2002, he again contested the elections on SP ticket and won. In 2007, Alambadi lost the election to BSP’s Bahubali Angad Yadav. In the 2012 assembly elections, he won the election on an SP ticket and retained his victory in 2017 as well.

Alambadi has six sons. Three of them are studying abroad; one has a private job; one runs a small furniture shop. Apart from this, his youngest son stays with him as his PA and helps him in work.

The house where MLA Alam Badi lives is like a normal old house with a tin shed lying in an outside part where he meets the people who have come to meet. It is said about Alambadi that many times he even sweeps his house and there are no servants at Alam Badi’s house, all the work is done by his sons and grandsons.

Alam Badi’s body language is very simple. He is often seen in kurta pyjama, modest slippers, a hearing machine and a basic mobile phone. 

Where leaders nowadays travel in large vehicles with caravans, Aalam Badi travels mostly in UP roadways bus.

Alam Badi is among those who still roam and walk in the constituency. 

He drives a second-hand Bolero. 

While politicians spend crores of rupees in elections, Alam Badi does not resort to money to win elections. He does not use posters and banners in his promotion. He leaves his house every day at 9 am and stays with the people till 5 in the evening. MLA Alam Badi spends the entire money of the fund in the service of the public under his supervision.

Alam Badi has turned down the minister’s post several times in the SP government. 

He has got four big gates built in the name of martyrs of the Nizamabad region in his tenure. Alam Badi believes that these will inspire the coming generation.