Manipal college initiates inquiry after Professor allegedly calls Muslim student a ‘terrorist’

Screengrab of the video

In the video that went viral on social media, the Muslim student is seen calling out the professor for allegedly calling him a ‘terrorist’ over his religious identity.

Huneza Khan | 

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NEW DELHI — After a young Muslim student from Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) was allegedly called a terrorist by a Professor in the classroom, the video of which went viral on social media leading to outrage, the MIT has initiated an enquiry into the incident. 

In a statement, MIT said the “concerned staff has been debarred from classes till the inquiry is over.” 

“We would like everyone to know that the institute does not condone this kind of behaviour and this isolated incident will be dealt with in accordance with the laid down policy,” MIT said in a statement, adding, “The institute prides itself with one of the biggest diversity on campus and is committed to uphold our constitutional values of treating everyone alike, irrespective of their caste, religion, region, gender etc.”

In the video that went viral on social media on Monday, the student is seen calling out the professor for allegedly calling him a ‘terrorist’ over his religious identity.

The Muslim student, whose name is unknown, can be heard objecting to the teacher saying, “No! You can’t joke about my religion. That too in such a derogatory manner.” 

The teacher is seen trying to calm the situation by saying that “you are just like my kid”, to which the agitated student answers that “If my father says this, I would disown him.” 

The other students can be heard laughing at this. 

The teacher is heard in the video saying that it “the statement was funny but the argument doesn’t end there.” 

“It is not funny. 26/11 was not funny. Being a Muslim in this country and facing all this every day is not funny,” the student responds. 

When the professor apologizes to the student saying “You are just like my son,” the student questions him and asks, “Will you talk to your son like that? Will you call him by the name of a terrorist? How can you call me like that in front of so many peoples? You are professional. You are teaching. You can’t call me that. Sorry doesn’t change how you think. It doesn’t change how you portray yourself here.”

The incident has led to outrage on social media with several Twitter users showing support for the Muslim student 

Professor Ashok Swain, chairperson of UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) tweeted the video writing, “A Professor in a classroom in India calling a Muslim student ‘terrorist’ – This is what it has been to be a minority in India!”

Reacting to the video journalist Vivek Nambiar tweeted, “This boils my blood. Bigotry cannot be tolerated anywhere, especially in a classroom, that too, from a teacher. The young man is SO RIGHT. A hollow apology won’t change the teacher’a mindset. He is not fit to be a teacher.”

Huneza Khan is a student and a budding journalist from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. She tweets