21 Hyderabadi Muslim youths acquitted of terror charges

By Mohammed Siddique, TwoCircles.net,

Hyderabad: The stories reeled out by the Hyderabad city police that a group of Muslim youths in the city were involved in hatching a conspiracy to wage war against the state in the name of Jihad was thoroughly exposed as an utter lie as a local court in the city today acquitted all the 21 accused in a criminal conspiracy case.

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The youths were arrested by the Hyderabad city police after three blasts in Hyderabad in May and August 2007 killing 54 people. The Gopalpuram police station, where the criminal conspiracy case No. 198/2007 was registered, had charged that these youths were involved in a criminal conspiracy.

The police had booked case against them under section 120 (B), 125 and 126 and had also charged that they were in possession of Jihadi literature. However the 7th Metropolitan Sessions Judge Radha Krishna threw out the case and acquitted all the accused. He said that the prosecution had failed to bring any evidence to prove the charges.

The counsel for defense had argued that the police had implicated the youths in false and fabricated case. They also contended that the purpose of the illegal arrests and implicating the youths was aimed at targeting the Muslim community.

After hearing the arguments of both sides, the sessions judge in his judgment held that there was no evidence to prove any link of these youths with any conspiracy and ordered their release. While 15 of the youths were already released on bail, three others Abdul Sattar, Abdul Kaleem and Masood Ahmad were in Charlapally jail. Three of the youths were absconding.

All these youths along with many others were arrested by the police after the blasts in the city giving an impression that they were involved in the blasts and other terrorist activities. But later they were booked in vague cases.

Those acquitted by the court today include Ibraheem Junaid, fourth year student of Unani Medicine, Mohammed Abdul Majeed, the brother of another terror suspect Abdul Shahid Bilarl, Rayeesuddin Ahmad, Mohammed Abdul Wajid, Moatasim Billah, son of Moulana Abdul Aleem Islahi, Md. Abdul Kareem Quadri, Arshad Khan alias Fayaz Khan, Mohammed Abdul Raheem. Syed Abdul Quader alias Imran, Shaikh Mohammed Fareed, Ghulam Aslam Siddiqui, Mohammed Mustafa Ali, Mohammed Abdul Kareem, Syed Zulfiqar Ahmad, Abdul Wasey and Mohammed Shakeel.

The youths after their release on bail had alleged that they were kept in illegal detention in private farm houses for several days and subjected to inhuman torture including electric shocks to force them to confess their involvement in the bomb blasts in Mecca Masjid, Lumbini Park and Gokul Chat. “They even offered me lakhs of rupees to confess my involvement”, said Ibraheem Junaid.

This is the third time this year that the local courts have thrown out the charges of criminal conspiracy against Muslim youths in Hyderabad.

In November, the 7th additional sessions judge had acquitted five persons Shoaib Jagirdar of Jalna (Maharashtra), his nephew Imran Khan, Mohamed Klaeem and Abdul Majeed in a case of criminal conspiracy and possession of explosives. The court held that the police failed to bring any evidence other than the confessional statements of the accused.

The same 7th additional sessions judge had acquitted five youths Mohammed Abdul Kaleem (MBA), Mohammed Abdul Raoof alias Imran, Shujauddin, Mohammed Faseehuddin (BBA), and Mohammed Sohail. The police had charged them with procuring SIM cards with fake papers and smuggling RDX.

The acquittal of the youths has come as little surprise to the Muslims in Hyderabad who have been charging the police with fabricating false cases to frame these youths and tarnish the image of the minority community.

Those released:

1.Md.Abdul Sattar (In Cherlapally Jail) Arrested on 15/06/2007

2.Md.Abdul Kareem Qadri @ Karem (In Cherlapally Jail) Arrested on 15/06/2007

3.Masood Ahamed (In Cherlapally Jail) Arrested on 4/09/2007

4.Arshad Khan @ Fayaz Khan Arrested on 4/09/2007

5.Md.Naseeruddin @Fayaz Khan Arrested on 4/09/2007

6.Md.Abdul Raheem @ Raheem Arrested on 4/09/2007

7.Syed Abdul Qader @Imran Arrested on 4/09/2007

8.Shaik Mohammed Faredd @ Ali Pasha Arrested on 4/09/2007

9.Gulam Aslam Siddiqui Arrested on 4/09/2007

10.Syed Abdul Sami (Absconding)

11.Md.Abdul Kareem@ Anwar Arested on 8/9/2007

12.Syed Zulfiqar Ahamed@ Ifteqar (Absconding)

13.Md.Abdul Wajeed. Arrested on 8/9/2007

14.Abdul Wase Arrested on 8/9/2007

15.Mohd Abdul Majid B/O SHAHED BILAL Arrested on 27/9/2007

16.Mohd Rayees Uddin Arrested on 6/9/2007

17.Md.Mustafa Ali Arrested on 6/9/2007

18.Ibrahim Ali Junaid Arrested on 8/9/2007

19.Mohtashim Billa S/O MOULANA ABDUL ALEEM ISLAHI Arrested on 6/3/2008

20.Gulam Hasan Siddique (Absconding)

21.Md.Shakeel .Arrested on 27/9/2007