Kerala Hajj Committee registration procedures to be completed tomorrow

By Staff Correspondent,

Kozhikode: The registration procedures of the Kerala state Hajj Committee will be over tomorrow, reports say. The procedures which should have been completed by April 30 were extended till May 15 on the direction of the central Hajj Committee.

The state Hajj Committee has received about 38,000 applications for Hajj till yesterday. This includes those applicants who have not been able to perform the Hajj even after applying for four years continuously. These 1500 people will be selected directly while the rest will have to be chosen by lots. The list of these directly selected persons will be sent to the central Hajj Committee and will also be published at the Hajj House in Calicut immediately.

The first phase of submission of applications for the Hajj will end by Saturday, however no decisions have been reached on the selection of applicants. The state government has reportedly asked the central Hajj Committee to carry out the selection (by lots) at the end of this month. But decisions are getting delayed. The Central Hajj Committee has not convened a meeting regarding the matter, according to reports.

The pilgrims will be selected by picking lots from among the first phase of applicants according to the quota for the state. Last year, there was a quota of 7003 and the state expects to get it this year also. Anyhow, a good number of people who have applied for the Hajj are sure to wait for another term.