New Bihar Assembly will have more Muslim MLAs

By Mumtaz Alam Falahi,,

Patna: The Bihar Assembly poll results announced on Wednesday have brought some good news for the state Muslim community – the community whose lot is hardly changed with the change of political regime in Patna.

The incoming 15th Bihar Assembly will have more Muslim MLAs than the outgoing one. While the parties like Congress, RJD and LJP that fielded more Muslim candidates in the just concluded Assembly poll have got severe electoral blows from the people, it is good that the new Assembly will have 19 Muslim MLAs against 15 in the outgoing Assembly. The community can now hope there will be more mouths to voice their concerns in the state legislature.

The better part of the news is that among the newly elected 19 Muslim MLAs there are two women – it would be perhaps first time that two Muslim women MLAs will be in one assembly. It is interesting that all the two were fielded by JDU-BJP alliance. Those fielded by other parties have lost. RTI activist Parveen Amanullah, wife of Urban Development secretary Afzal Amanullah, has won on JDU ticket from Sahebpur Kamal assembly segment. Razia Khatoon from the same party has won Kalyanpur seat.

Among the newly elected Muslim MLAs is only one from BJP. Lone party candidate Saba Zafar has won the heavily Muslim populated Amour seat. He was the lone Muslim candidate of the party in the state assembly election.

It is noteworthy that Muslim representation has increased in the Assembly despite the fact that most of the sitting Muslim MLAs could not retain their seats. Of the 15 Muslim MLAs who fought the election only five could win their seats. They are Abdul Bari Siddiqi of RJD (Alinagar), Izhar Ahmed of JDU (Gaura Boram), Md Tausif Alam of Congress (Bahadurganj),Akhtarul Iman of RJD (Kochadhaman) and Shahid Ali Khan of JDU(Sursand).


Muslim MLAs in BIHAR Assembly2010

Do we hope they will work for the community.They could think NEXT Time may not see VIDHANSABHA so make money as much as possible like others.
On the other hand RSS will take Hindutva works in Bihar from their 91 BJP MLAs. Now we will have to see them in every department.And of course from now on Nitish Kumar would be the Poster Boy of BJP instead of Narendra Mody in India.

What was the need to list

What was the need to list Muslim winners separately? That outlook is what is keeping Muslims isolated. They see everything in religious terms. Does ideology and political beliefs not matter to them? It is this attitude of religion first and religion last, that makes a Muslim a suspect in the eyes of the rest of Indians and he cannot progress without their support.

Muslims dont depend on the

Muslims dont depend on the progress of cow dung worshippers.Rather its because of muslims existence that this universe is functional.The moment there is no muslim on earth Allah(swt)will dismantle the whole universe and punish all disbelieving criminals.

You people have been brain

You people have been brain washed by your Saffron Party that Muslims are doing nothing in the development of India. Through this news channel at least they remind you time to time the contribution of Muslims in the development of India as well as for the whole world. We also know that it is very difficult to convenience the rigid and prejudice brain. We all know that these Muslim leaders are not going to do anything specially for the Muslim community but at least they are going to work for this fast developing India. You people force us to remind you our contribution that why these news are important because main stream news media have very little space for positive contribution of Muslim. Thanks


hi,congratulation to Mr.Nitish kumar and all muslim winner candidates from shazad(al ansar millat welfare society,basar bigha,soh sarai,bihar sharif)

Good News for Muslim

it is write time For Muslim Elected MLA to rise question in assembly , and try to solve problems for Muslim, we are requesting to our newly elected Muslim MLA. Do we hope Nitish Kumar to do something more for Muslim, for Muslim betterment MLA roll should be more effective
1. Please try to do some work for education in Muslim
2. Make some healthy strategy for development of Muslim
My all the wishes to all the MLa and our C.M

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