Modi pursuing ‘Politics of Hate’: Muslim MLA thunders in Gujarat Assembly

Gayasuddin Sheikh is first Muslim MLA to speak about Modi in last 10 years:

By TCN Special Correspondent,

Gandhinagar: In a hard-hitting speech in the state assembly on Tuesday, Congress MLA Gayasuddin Sheikh representing Shahpur constituency in Ahmedabad said that Chief Minister Narendra Modi was of late warming up with the Muslims for his ulterior political aims and he had no pious intentions behind his latest move.

Accusing Modi of pursuing the “politics of hate”, Sheikh pointed out: “You can win political power in one or two states through `politics of hate' but the political power at the national level cannot be won by narrow-minded political strategy''.

It was the first time in the last 10 years that any Muslim MLA had spoken about Modi in such a harsh language either inside the state assembly or outside.

Referring to Modi's recent statements that 30 per cent of Muslims voted BJP candidates during October 2010 municipal and panchayat polls, Sheikh accused Modi of “adopting the Goebbel's strategy of repeating a falsehood 100 times to make it appear a truth to the secular voters of the country''.

Sheikh explained it that Modi was doing it to remove the tag of anti-minorityism with him so as to move from Gujarat and rise in the national politics as he harbours the ambition to become prime minister.

Shaikh Gyasuddin Habibuddin is MLA from Shahpur assembly seat. [Photo: ]

The Congress MLA said that a few years ago, the same Modi, pointing towards Muslims if any in his elections meetings, would say that ``I don't require you''.

"But the same man now misses no opportunity to tell the world that 30 per cent of Muslims supported his party candidates in municipal and panchayat elections'', Sheikh said, asking him to explain what made him to take a complete U-turn from his previous positions and develop a new love for Muslims.

Stating that former prime minister A B Vajpayee displayed high degree of political vision to form National Democratic Alliance (NDA) to win the confidence of all the groups and communities with him, Sheikh said that Vajpayee pained by Gujarat violence of 2002, asked the rulers here to follow `rajdharma' (statecraft).

“But people with their narrow mindset trying to acquire political power through illegitimate means ignored Vajpayee's call. The consequence was that they managed to get power in Gujarat but BJP lost power in Delhi. It was in fact a rejection of BJP's politics of hate by India's majority and I am extremely proud of it'', Sheikh told the House, receiving applause from his party colleagues.

Referring to BJP's “misleading'' propaganda that Muslims in Gujarat were better off than their religious counterparts in other states, and that they were making progress in educational and economic field without discrimination, the Congress leader said that “anti-minority'' Modi government did not use the central funds worth crores of rupees for educational and economic upliftment of minorities in Gujarat. Instead, it returned the grants back to the centre year after year.

“But whatever developments minorities in Gujarat have made, no leader or political party can be given credit for it. They have progressed because of the spirit of entrepreneurship and mature understanding among them'', Shiekh remarked.

"People of Gujarat have now known that Modi talks of politics of development to divert peoples attention from his sinful deeds'', Said Sheikh.
“Gujarat was always a developing state, it is a developing state at present and will continue to develop in future as well'', said Congress MLA, saying no matter which party ruled over the state.

Sheikh asked: “Let the state government tell the people how much funds it gave to Gujarat State Minority Finance Development Corporation? How much fund was allotted to the Gujarat State Wakf Board allotted for the development of Muslims? How many schemes finalised by the National Minority Development Corporation for the development of religious minorities implemented in the state? Why is the state government not giving figures about it?''.

Stating that Gujarati Muslims did not need BJP's sympathy, Sheikh said that Gujarati Muslims were achieving growth and economic development with support from the secular Hindu majority.

Alleging that “certain elements with deranged mentality had tried to humiliate and insult Muslims in Gujarat'', Sheikh said: “I am proud to say that my nationalist Hindu brethren strongly supported us in our fight to get justice and constitutional rights''.

Saying that Hindu society is by and large is of helping nature, Sheikh said that Hindus were like elder brother to Muslims in the country and both respected the religious sentiments of each other.

“It is this cooperation which has made the development of the state possible'', said Sheikh.

Stating that Modi had no moral right to speak on behalf of minorities, he alleged that “conspiracies are being hatched by some people to divide and harm the Muslim community but we are safe by the Grace of Allah, with support extended to us by open-minded Hindus in our hour of crisis''.

Saying that of late, Modi has been holding parleys with Muslim leaders in his office, he said these would have been welcome had there been any good intention behind it.

“But the fact is that he (Modi) is dreaming to become prime minister and hence, he is cosying up with Muslims to improve his anti-Muslim image of 2002'', commented Shiekh in his speech.

“Muslims' mistakes and immaturity in the past provided strength to fundamentalist forces but Muslims are not going to commit such mistakes again. We know well that existence of your politics is totally based on our (Muslims) opposition. The main basis of your politics is propagation of hatred against Muslims to achieve your aim of divide and rule. Your new found love for Muslims is part of a new strategy intended to improve your image among the people. But let me tell you that BJP lost Delhi to take over Gujarat. And it may lose even Gujarat while trying to take over Delhi'', Sheikh said.


Modi pursuing ‘Politics of Hate’

Well done, Shaikh Gyasuddin Habibuddin sahib!

Modi the great

Mr Modi is doing exactly what all democratic rulers should be doing- not bending to minority muslims manipulations like what the congress party leadership is upto. muslims highhandedness will no more be tolerated by anyone in india- nah anyone in the world. Islamic countries and people are the cause of most problems in the present day world and in India too.

We voted Modi

we are muslims of gujarat, living in Shahpur, the consituency of Mr. Sheikh. We have good road, 24X7 uninterrupted power supply, water, drainage, school etc.

I wish to add that we have to open our eyes and know congress very well.
In Gujarat during Congress Ruling, there were a curfew twice or thrice in a quarter.. here in Naredndrabhai's ruling, since last seven years, there is a no curfew...

Congress has used us, our muslim community, for their own purpose, they didn't do anything for our community. We found necessary facility,amneties in Narendrabhai's ruling, only.. I once again say that I voted for BJP and I will vote for Narendrabhai Modi.
I pray allah to give him long ruling and long life.

Fake Wasim, have some shame!

Fake tyrant Wasim,
Before speaking all humbug 'Kasida-Khwani' of butcher Modi, remember your 2000, Muslim brothers who were killed by this beast like man on the same road, for which beauty and cleanliness you shameless person is describing proudly.
Have some sense of shame, otherwise die cowardly like street dogs, it is your fate!

U have sold urself, Shame on You!!!

I dont dispute the fact that congress is no friend of muslims but my friend, by praying for long life for Modi u have demonstrated the mentality of servitude. Either you are out of your senses or you have given worldly material gains more importance than facing ALLAH SWT on the day of judgement. If you have sold urself then keep it to urself. We cannot foget the attrocities Maloon Modi inflicted on our Muslim brothers and sisters. The muslims all over the world are one UMMAH, V will inshallah not forgive the tyrants like Modi who thrive on the blood of innocent muslims. I can only pray for you to ALLAH SWT that he guide you and make u feel the pain of your fellow muslim brethren.

Shame on you!!!!

I salute you Mr. Gyasuddin.

I congratulate Mr. Gyasuddin for his utmost courage shown before tyrant Modi.
Vastvani and 'Mufti' Ismail of Malegaon must learn from this brave lion of Gujarat.

Gade Murde Mat ukhedo

Gade Murde Mat ukhedo usse kuchh nahi milenga.Tumhare bolneki saja dusro ko bhugatni padti hai. tum uska kuchh nahi ukhed paoge. dusre bhaiyoko hisab dena padega.


People like you who loves earthly life submit to the enemies. You are a MUNAFIK (hypocrits) to save his own skin can betray his own community. We have many munafiks in Gujarat and national level. I appreciate our Hindu brothers who came out openly against Modi and supported muslims. How long Modi can fool people in the name of progress? Gujaratis are always progressive since centuries. Their presence in the different part of the world since ages is proof for this. BJP's devide and rule police (a British model) is successful now but there always time when people open their eyes and understand the true motive of these pseudo Brtishers.

Yaad rakh beta hindustan aur

Yaad rakh beta hindustan aur Gujrat par musalmano ne 1000 saal hukumat ki hain, lekin jaisa Guajarat mein musalmano ke saath hua waisa Hinduo ke saath kabhi nahi hua musalmano ke rule mein, musalman raja hamesha hindu, musalman, sikh aur christian logo ko baraabar ka rights dete the balki hindu log ko zyada rights milte the. Tu bohot khush ho raha hain 2002 ke riots ke baare mein, main sirf janna chahta hoon ki kya tu itna hi khush hota agar teri maa, behen ka rape hota aur tere baap, bhai ko buri tarah maar daala jaata. Agar Gujrat mein 80% muslim hote ya phir hindu-muslim 50-50% bhi hote to kya kisi ki maa ne dudh pilaya hain ki woh musalman ko kuch kar sakta. Hum hinduo ke saath hamesha se achche se rehte aaye hain aur future mein rahenge, magar hum darr ke kisi se nahi rahenge.

Modi is doing very good keep it up sir

Mr. Modi is doing wonderfully and i vote for him for the prime minister candidate, If you compare with Manmohan Singh i am sure Mr.Modi will bring more development changes to our country and make our country equal to China and even over take in 10 years.

Chennai Muslims Can Show The Way.

Top Schools in Chennai have a silent un-written code/rule. Not to admit Muslim wards. Gates of good schools are closed decently but politely for Muslims. Applications are sold to all, but Muslim-entry is banned. I request Muslims to form a group and set up a Quality CBSE High School (K-12) with English as 1st, Hindi as 2nd and Urdu as 3rd language. For this they would need 2 acres of land (as per CBSE rules)., and a block of buildings. The total project cost is Rs. 30 crores., with an annual expense of Rs. 4 crores. If the school can attract 2 Thousand students., the annual expense per child would come to Rs. 20,000/-. Add Rs. 4,000 per child for maintencnce, admin costs. etc. That would come to Rs. 24 K per child per annum., or Rs. 2 K per month.

Keep it a 8 AM - 8 PM school. Embed it with IIT coaching (MPC Group, outsource this part to Narayana Group of Institutions, AP); Medical (Tancee/BPC Group.. outsource this part to Chaitanya Group of Institutions, AP); Lawcet (Some institute excelling in this area); CA (Narayana CA Academy).. etc... so that in the 11th and 12th itself., apart from the class itself.. a 4-5 hour GRIND is accorded to students... so that they dont have to go after / look for another TUITION... which is an expensive game these days. A 12-hour school.. for muslim kids.. that offers a total grind.. is needed.

Are there any rich muslims (jointly or severally) in Chennai.. who have 2 acres of land.. and funds to spare for this project ?

Mrs. YG Parthasarthy says, Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan has a special "methodology". Its her trade secret., or so., it seems. Muslims are also educated... and can have a very fine methodology too.. share it with other Hindu schools.. Mrs. Parthasarthy believes in HOLDING (not sharing) KNOWLEDGE to herself... which is typical Brahmanic trait.. (remember Dronacharya)..But Muslims must share what little they have with hindu brothers.

Set up a gr8 school, as a stinging slap to Mrs. YG Parthasarthy of PSBB. She has become very proud. She thinks there is no one like her. She has forgotten what she was 30 yrs earlier.. in the 1970s.. and the 1980s.. She did it as an investment for her son YG Rajendran., rather than any love for Education. She is a BANIA dressed up as a Teacher. She hates Islam and Muslims with a vengeance. Muslims must repay her hatred with love. So what if she has closed the gates of PSBB for Muslims... Muslims can allow talented Hindu Student(s) into their school !

What has been said about PSBB also goes for DAV-Gopalapuram (85 yr old Jaidev: Beware., our eyes are on you and your corruption; and also RaVEE Malhotra... be careful... you are under the scanner), Bala Vidya Mandir Adyar, Vidya Mandir, Mylapore, PS Senior Secondary School., and NPS Avvai Shanmugham Road... Beware. You are all under the scanner. A case is being prepared. The moment you slip, you will find your reputation in tatters. Watch out. Your hatred for Indian Muslims will be exposed brutally. You are prohibiting entry of Muslim wards into your schools, for no reason., other than deep ingrained and personal hatred for their religion.

Gujarat tops labour unrest chart

Gujarat witnessed the highest number of strikes and other forms of labour unrest in recent times on account of various financial and disciplinary issues, the Economic Survey said on Friday.

The Survey said total man-days lost due to labour unrest in India has drastically declined by over 81 per cent, hence indicating an improvement of worker-management relationship across industries.

Halal se Jhatka

Lagta hain Mamu ko Jhatka Gosht Khilana padega...!!!!

Halal se Jhatka

arey o ghaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas phuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuus tu jhatke ka khilane ki baat kar raha hain main toh tujhko halaal kar kar ke khilaunga, tab rote hue apne doosre baap narendra modi ke paas jaana

Welcome Change

I know Mr Shaikh real good from his days in JD & then Shankar Singh Waghela promoted him through RJP.
To be honest kind of shocked surpised by his courage.
I agreed to & seconded his complaints which basically known to every Gujarati muslim.
Its a plain & simple trueth that Modi hates muslim & his political existence solely rely on muslim bashing, he aint going to spend a penny on minority development.
Isnt he the same modi who made fun of riot victims relief camp by terming it as "chhokra peda karvana karkhana"
He is the only in-famous elected public servant who never even bothered to visit a single relief camp after horrendous genocide, in the history of any civilised society.
No we can never forget that carnage.
kal ki kokh se aaj janam leta he
people who forget history r destined to repeat that
Who are these idiots telling us to forget past, why ?
did ur sone or daughter disappear, mass raped, heck to death,burnt alive......?
Its damn easy to say forget but plz go & see Godhra did to the whole community & the whole generation.
Anyway its really great to see Mr Shaikh in this new version, its a welcome change.
I must admit he come along a long way.
Keep it up Gyasubhai
Agali baar barabar polish kar ke fatkaro besharm administration ko.


Prophet Muhammad said 'the biggest jihad is to say the truth in front of a tyrant ruler'. Ghaysauddin, you have done this. May Allah give you a long life and more courage to speak out the truth and to stand side by side with the mazloom, innocent & weak people.

Hindu Muslim Are Blood Brothers Congress is creating Nafrati Pol

Congress has always adopted the age-old Divide and Rule policy, first
introduced and propagated in India by the British. They have tried to
spread hatred (nafrat) against the BJP among the Muslims. At the same
time, they try to show that they are concerned and caring for the
Muslims. Yet they do this because of their own vested interests. At
the same time, the BJP demolished the Babri Mosque and bereft the
Muslims from their Rights (Huq).

We present you the case of Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu where Hindus and
Muslims together have been imparting a message of communal amity for
more than 150 years in Killai - a coastal village - even when the
other parts of the country have betrayed vulnerability to intolerance.
The age-old harmony will to seen again when Muslims of the village
receive Hindu deity Bhoo Varahaswamy (the boar avtar of Vishnu) from
his temple at Srimushnam, 60 km away. Every year, Bhoo Varahaswamy is
taken out in a procession for the Brahmotsatava festival between
February and March. The procession receives grand welcome in Killai
where it halts at a Dargah built for Sufi Saint Hazrat Syed Shah
Rehmatullah Vali Shuttary. The Imam offers prayers, a garland and
oblation of 11 kgs of rice, five coconuts and Rs. 501 to the deity.
Later a silk shawl on the deity is offered at the Dargah and a
chadder is offered for the deity in return.
The practice is linked to varying versions of land gifted to the
temple by either the sufi saint or one of his descendants. Syed Shah
Vajehunnaqi Saqaf, trustee of the Dargah said: "This area was not
affected even during communal tension after Babri Masque demolition
and the post-Godhra riots in Gujarat".
Tracing the origins of this practice, Saqaf said that one of his
predecessors had give 26 acres of land to the then tehsildar, Uppu
Venkatrao, on lease and low rent to help him demarcate the Dargah
lands and draw up the boundries. He feels that the Power of the Lord
is such that all communities come to Pray.

Let us contrast this with the Babri Mosque Events! Babri Mosque was
built in Ayodhya in 1528. First communal clash over site between
Hindus and Muslims was in the year 1853. British had started their
policy of divide and rule among Indians. Faizabad was the capital of
Awadh and Ayodhya its twin city from where the message of unity and
communal brotherhood reached the rest of the nation.
In 1859 British Administrtion put a fence around the site,
denominating separate areas of worship for Hindus and Muslims. This
status remained in vogue for about 90 years. Unfortunately, Congress
administration put idols inside the Mosque in December 1949. Both
sides of the dispute filed civil suits but Congress administration
locked the gates, saying the matter was sub-judice and declared the
area "disputed".
A district judge ordered the gates of the mosque to be opened and
allowed Hindus to worship inside "Disputed structure" during Congress
administration in 1986. Babri Mosque Action Committee was formed as
Muslims protested the move to allow Hindus to pray at the site during
Congress administration.
Campaign for building a Ram Temple was grew in 1989 when Sri LK Advani
Ji built it in the form of a movement. Three years later, the Babri
Mosque was demolished by Kar Sewaks on 6th December, 1992. This was
followed by Communal riots across India, something that burnt the
country. All the BJP Govts were suspended by centre and Governor Rule
subsequently implemented in all states. Congress Prime Minister Late
P V Narsimha Rao was in Delhi and Economical capital was also under
Congress regime, but no one bothered till 12th March 1993. This was
because Muslims were looking towards Congress administration for
Justice and Sympathy.
After ten days of demolition of Babri Mosque the Congress Govt. headed
by Late P V Narsimha Rao set up a commission of enquiry under Justice
Liberahan. Liberhan Commission has failed to complete its task of
probing the circumstances leading to the demolition of Babri Masjid
despite repeatedly getting extensions.

Second Event of Demolition of Noor Mosque at Jangpura Delhi
Noor Mosque was demolised last January under Congress Goverment ruling
in Delhi / Central. The land was for Muslim Graveyard and aquired by
DDA vide notification 01//09/85 published in Delhi Gazette at SI no.
16 page 43 published on 25/09/1985 against the wakf Act 1954
9Act29 of 1954 claiming as is illegal and without jurisdiction. It
is further declared that the same is owned by the plaintiff No.1 and
have vested in plaintiff No. 2. But this Plot no. 633 belongs from
Muslim Graveyard as per Delhi Gazette. With passing times all the
lands of Delhi Wakf Board are going to be grabbed by DDA
Under Congress Government there is no proper follow up by Delhi Wakf
Board. In recent demolition, Delhi Wakf Board had presented a lawyer
Mr Mahmood Paracha in High Court for follow up who could not even
clear his intention why he had appeared in the court. We are afraid
that in future other lands of Muslim Graveyard and Wakf Board might
also been grabbed by DDA, who acquires Delhi Wakf Board land for sale
to consumers on Market rates.
This demolition was again held under Congress regime in State and
Centre both. Now Delhi C.M Smt. Sheela Dixit is showing Hamdardi to
their vote bank and asking LG of Delhi to allot this land against
payment. We need no Charity for a piece of land, as it is our Right of
getting full land demarcated as Delhi Wakf Board land. We will use it
according to our requirement.
We are no more interested to be fooled once gain through the Govt
whose politicians, leaders and bureaucrats at highest places has
shaken the faith of the nation in the last few years. Despite public
outcry, no worthwhile investigations and punishments are seen.
How many more Ghotalas / Ghaplas the nation would see besides the old ones:::

# 1971 Nagarwala scandal
# Abdul Rehman Antulay.
# Arjun Singh Churhat Lottery
# Bofors.
# Sugar.
# Urea.
# Sukh Ram.
# Harshad Mehta Shares Scam.
# Tellgi Ghotala.
# Ramalinga Raju (Satyam).
# Latest biggest one ISRO etc.

Now we hope for a party that can give right shape and direction to the Nation.

With regards

Mehmud Zaidi,
(M) 09013170785

I cannt tell you how happy

I cannt tell you how happy your big speech made me. You are one of those few people who understand what congress has been trying to do for last so many years. Divide and rule. People are so innocent or rather fools to believe in all this. And look who takes advantage of all this, cheap politicians, western country who are way ahead in development than us. we need to understand all this before its too late. please spread the awareness and tell people life is too short to be spent in hatred, rather they should help in development of country instead of fighting amount ourselves.

Kudos to Shaikh Gyasuddin Habibuddin bhai

Aap ki himmat ke baare mein kya kahu, bas yeh chand alfaz hi kaafi hain

"himmat-e-marda toh madad-e-khuda"

Not surprised this MLA is from Congress

What more can you expect from a congress MLA expect spread hatread and false information .. do you think all other menbers of the community are fools not to know the true face of congress


Gujarat Shouls have only have one Law,for all if you are Hindu or Muslim, if you dont like it then live Gujarat, or go back to pak land, you are an indian or pak. I live in UK there is only one Law for all, only ONE wife not 4. if you went 4 wife then go to PAKLAND,Live in INDIAN LAW. MODI SHOULD BE A PM OF INDIA.

then you must be the first

then you must be the first one to go to pak as whether it be lord krishna or ram's father each one has more than 1 wife.

Lord Ram and Krishan they

Lord Ram and Krishan they were God and Kings ,who you are just pigs.....


Gyasuddin Sir,
Many many congratulations for the position you got and May the community and the people get the equality and justice and all the information and support they want to live a better life. May Allah give you strength and opportunity to move ahead.. InshaAllah will pray for your success & progress of your and your family's.

Why congress not giving direct money to muslim students

I would like to draw the point which need your help as you are from congress party and in center your party is in power. I believe that congress is secular party and always work for all community. Central government give scholarship to muslim students from std. 9 th onward. There is one condition that stae has to give 10 % for it. Certain BJP state will not that share and students are not getting the 90 % of center also. Why party can direct send that money to various school and they should not take the fee amount from benefited students?
My second question is. Can you force your party that every school have to keep 10 to 15 % reserved for minority students? At preset in good school children from minority are not getting admission in good school. Can you raise this issue in assembly of Gujarat? My third question is there is minority finance commission in Gujarat and whenever any body visit the office in Gandhinagar they get one answer that center is not giving fund for it. Why? Have you taken interest in it and ask center UPA government for this ? My forth question is have you make any hostel for muslim girls or boy and help to do the education work for muslim. So called muslim leaders has spoil the future of muslim. I hope you can ask your own heart after Isha prayer that are you realy interest to develop community or just on the name of cast you want to reap vote bank?

quite plzz

shame really shame on our leaders, they are dividing peoples in the of cast and religion.....realize one thing all are equal...all are came from a single cell Bacteria...all are came from that only........guys please quiet no muslim and no hindu no other religions we all are humans....all the religions are introduced by human......we are following one human thoghts in the name of religions and want to think iam askimg you you dont have your own thoughts and your own vales you just following one human created religions have your own values think dont fight for religions fight for humanity.for peace