Moallim-e-Urdu degree holders to protest against teacher’s eligibility test

By Faisal Fareed,,

Lucknow: The Moallim-e-Urdu association will go on indefinite dharna from September 28 to protest against the state government's decision making Teacher's Eligibility Test (TET) compulsory for the Moallim-e-Urdu degree holders for appointment as government teachers.

The association in a meeting on Saturday demanded that state government should instead allow direct recruitment of the Moallim-e-Urdu degree holders. "Our case is different from other aspirants. For past 15 years we have been agitating for appointment as government teachers. Now 90 percent of the Moallim-e-Urdu degree holders cannot clear the TET and thus they will be debarred from appointment as government teachers," rued President of the association, Hesamuddin Siddiqui.

The Moallim-e-Urdu degree holders have held violent protest in the past demanding government jobs. They bore the police brunt and once even climbed the overhead tank to stress for their demands. After these incidents, state government finally agreed to their demands and announced that they will be appointed as government teachers. It even withdrew the SLP from apex court thus agreeing to their demands.

However, the rider of TET has been attached with their appointment. "The government understands that we are Muslims and it is devising ways to deny us government jobs," said Hesammuddin. The association also threatened to oppose ruling Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) tooth and nail in the coming assembly elections if the state government did not withdraw the mandatory clause of clearing TET.



C.M. Of uttar Pardesh must be think about Muallim e Urdu.

Decision of U.P. Education Department and U.P. Government about Muallim E Urdu is agnest of netural Justice.

TET must be compulsory

A teacher is meant to provide education to children. For this, (s)he must be knowing enough of the subject (s)he is going to teach. In this context, (s)he must be competent enough to pass an examination like TET which is something like an aptitude test. If teacher-aspirants want doom for children and play with their future then state has the responsibility to stop it.

No need of Test

It is very unfortunate at the of Muslim's government job,several rules are implemented.if urdu teachers are teaching since 10 years back then how can you ask him for TET. It is wrong. Our organization will support him.
Dr. Idrees Qureshi, President, All India Muslim Educational Society (UP Unit)

Age limit must be expand

the age limit for moallim urdu teacher must be 40years old becouse the gov. of up accepted it affter a long time. so the candidate who are 1996,1997,1998,1999 batch are over age. mostly candidate passed the age i request the think about it. it must be for all community as equal

ye bilkul wrong dicision hai

ye bilkul wrong dicision hai gov ka 2010 ke next batch ke liye tet karna chaihiye aishe kitne log over age ho gaye hai ...

moallim urdu appointment

bina tet ke sabhi 1996 tak moallmin ko appoint kiya jaye jaldi

moallim e urdu tet pass

moallim e urdu tet pass logo ko jald se jald vigypti nikal kar urdu teacher ke pado par niukti di jaye.

1997 tak ke moallime urdu ko

1997 tak ke moallime urdu degree dhariyon ko jo TET pass kar chuke hai unhen jald se jald advertisment nikal kar bharti kiya jaye.

No Age Limit...

Moallim e Urdu 1996 ki bharti k liye age limit nhi hona over age ho chuken hain unka appointment hona chahiye...

No Age Limit...

Moallim e Urdu 1996 ki bharti k liye age limit nhi hona over age ho chuken hain unka appointment hona chahiye...

1997 ke paas moallim holder bhi liye jayenge.

Jab Moallim e urdu ki degree 11.08.1997 tak valid hai to 1997 ke pass out moallim e urdu degree holders ko is cheez ka labh milna chahiye ki acadmic year 1997 mein pass hue logon ko form bharne aour appoint hone ka poora poora haq hai. So give them the opportunity.

G.O. was operative in 1997.

Moallim-e-urdu degree holders, who have got enrolled & successfully passed the Examination in 1997, are legally eligible for getting the appointment as Urdu Teacher in UP as the G.O. was operative in 1997.