9th All India Muslim Educational Conf to be held in Jaipur

By Abu Zafar, TwoCircles.net,

New Delhi: With an aim to aware Muslim masses about modern education the All India Muslim Educational Society is going to organize its 9th All India Muslim Educational Conference – Iqra 2012 -- on 5th and 6th May in Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan. In this conference the participants from all over the country will discuss their views and ideas to uplift educational standard of Muslims in India.

To give details about the conference, the organizers called a press conference at Press Club of India here on Tuesday. Addressing the media Mohammad Ibrahim Qureshi, Member of Conference Committee and former State Minister, Government of Madhya Pradesh, said that to make aware Muslim community regarding education is important and it is call of time.

“To make Muslims aware about education is very important and it is call of time. Islam has given more importance to education but unfortunately status of Muslims in education is very low.”

The conference will also put emphasis on girl education. The organizers said a large number of women from all over the country will participate in this conference.

“Educating girl child is more important because it is way to educate whole community,” Quraishi said.

Justice Fakhruddin, former judge of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh High Courts, T.P. Imbichammad, Chairman MES College of Engineering & Group Institutions, Kuttipuram, Kerala also addressed the press conference.

All India Muslim Educational Society established in 1964 in Chennai is now active in 20 states.



Work for education in Muslims is good step of All India Muslim Educational Society. But the aim of spread between not fulfill through auditoriums meeting. without going interior of India. No results come out such type of meeting.


Mubarakbad pesh karta hoon and pray to almighty ALLAH for a great success .Indeed it has really become a necessity to take a long step in this regard mashallah u people have come up thats rally very credible
I give my consent in regarding the awareness at any time and place willing wholeheartedly to support the cause.
Looking forward your step to reach people or the community at atmost need i:s gali mohallahs so that our task and goals are achived may take time but will be accomplished.INSHALLAH