First guilt of partition, now guilt of terrorism

By Syed Zubair Ahmad,

Imperialist forces have their own strategy to get their plan executed. First they create some excuse, put blame, create chaos, confusion and fear among the masses. Then they exploit the situation according to the plan.

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That is what the global imperialists are doing all over the world. That is what the colonialist Britain did in India. This is what the Brahminists did with the Shudra. That is what the same forces are doing with the collaboration of global imperialist forces with Muslims in India.

Some youths arrested in 2008 for Delhi serial blasts of September 2008 and other serial blasts of that year[Photo Courtesy:]

The Imperialist Britishers divided India and left. The new ruling class put the blame of partition on Indian Muslims and an entire post-independence generation passed away carrying the guilt of partition of this country. They didn’t dare to claim their rights as citizen of this country because they were made to believe that they were responsible for the partition of this country. They faced unending series of anti-Muslim communal riots. So all they wanted was to be safe. There were no demands for jobs or for share in the resources of this country. Thus they were deprived and socially and economically they were forced to live like Dalits.

The new generation of Muslims, in last two decades, however refused to accept the blame of ‘Partition’. They argued that the policies of Nehru and Patel were more responsible for the Partition of this country. They have no sense of guilt like their forefathers. In spite of financial difficulties they got education. They developed a political sense and refused to be politically blackmailed by the powerful Congress. The new generation of Muslims, unlike their forefathers, refused to bow down. They are confident and educated. Now they want jobs and their shares in the natural resources of this country. This is the main reason behind the ‘war on terror’ on Indian Muslims in Indian perspective.

The presence of media has made the era of communal riots almost impossible. Now a new tactic is being used to create a sense of guilt in the Muslims. In the name of ‘terrorism’ the new Muslim generation is being terrorized, demoralized and thus marginalized. Imagine the horrible situation: the same youths are implicated in the bomb blast cases across five states. More than 35-40 cases have been framed against each of them them and 1400-1500 witnesses have been listed to record their statements for each accused and that too in different states. No government agencies are trying to learn from the incident of past where innocent Muslim youths were framed and put behind bars up to 5 to 14 years for a crime they never committed. Ultimately the court acquitted them. After several acquittals in last three years and the exposure of Saffron hands in several bomb blasts including Samjhauta Express, Ajmer Dargah, Malegaon and Mecca Masjid, the community had hoped that police and ATS will not pick innocents in the name of terror probe anymore, but after a brief lull, the targeted witch-hunt against Muslims has started.

Now the situation is that instead of demanding jobs and education Muslim youths are scared and demoralized. No one is talking about Sachar Commission report, Communal and Targeted Violence Bill, Loot and plundering of Waqf properties by governments and corporates. The whole community has started worrying about their safety instead of demanding jobs and education etc. The issues related to community development and education, have been put on back burner. The developmental issues have been diverted. Saffron brigade must be feeling relaxed and relieved. Hemant Karkare had started exposing hands of Hindutva extremists in terror attacks in the country but he was killed during 26/11 Mumbai terror attack. After his death his probes seem to have been stopped or diverted or being taken ahead in some cases half-heartedly.

Terrorism, whichever its colour, must be rooted out from our country. There is no question on it. But the way probe agencies have handled the terror cases it seems they are less interested in removing it, rather they are using it as an excuse to harass and terrorize Muslims only. Some think this whole game is to provoke Muslims against the system and constitutional pillars. If it is it will lead our country to a dangerous path.

Muslims are taking it as a conspiracy and oppression, and so with no option, they have started to use democratic means to inform the powers that be that in the name of terror probes Muslims are being oppressed and pushed to wall. People have started coming out on roads to protest against the illegal arrests, detention and kidnapping by police and intelligence agencies. It is feared that if illegal arrests and harassment in the name of terror probe are not stopped immediately, the situation may take an ugly turn which will be in favor of neither the community nor our country. The sooner the political leadership gets up and take stock of the situation honestly the better.

(Syed Zubair Ahmad is a Writer & Journalist. He can be reached at [email protected])