Dr. Tahir-ul Qaudri defends his stand on Modi

By Syed Zainulabedin,

Hyderabad: Defending his gesture towards Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in thanking him and his government, Islamic Scholar Dr. Tahir-ul Qaudri said he has not done any wrong in proposing a vote of thanks to Modi as his government provided him foolproof security during his tour in the state.

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Five days after the controversy erupted on his some remarks in Gujarat, Islamic Scholar Dr. Tahir-ul Qaudri last night broke his silence and blamed that a section of media wrongly interpreted his statement on Gujarat and his thanking gesture to Chief Minister Narendra Modi. He said that he only thanked the Gujarat government as a courtesy for providing him security and making necessary arrangements during the tour of the state.

Addressing one of the biggest public meetings at MIM’s headquarters Darrussalam last night Dr. Qaudri said that he thinks it was part of obligation and courtesy to say thanks to Narendra Modi led state government. Wherever I go i thanked the organisers and local governments for extending their help and cooperation for making arrangements for my tour and meetings, he added and thanked the Government of Andhra Pradesh too for its cooperation and providing security.

It is wrong to take it as an “appeasement” to any particular person or government. I appease and please no one but the messenger of Allah, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) only” Dr. Qaudri thundered.

Referring to his remark on “Move beyond Gujarat 2002 and look future”, Dr. Qaudri told the gathering that he was just trying to say that move on from the past and march ahead for peace and communal harmony. Whatever happened it happened, let us try such ugly incidents never occur again. That all I said and added that many TV channels also recorded his press conference. People who are raking up this issue are free to check and verify his actual wordings, Dr Qaudri challenged.

He said his purpose of India tour is to spread the global message of peace and bring unity among people of all faiths and particularly in Muslims irrespective of beliefs and schools of thought. I consider this mission as a prayer and will continue it until my last breath.

Hyderabad MP and President Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi presided the meeting. Mufti Khaleel Ahmed of Jamia Nazamia also spoke. MIM legislators Ahmed Pasha Qaudri, Muqtada Afsar Khan, Moazzam Khan, Altaf Hyder Razvi, Aminul Hasan Jaffery, Hyderabad Mayor Mohammed Majid Hussain were also present. Notable Ulema Moulana Qubul Pasha Qaudri, President/Secretary Majlis-e-Uelma Hyderabad, Moualna Masood Hussain Mujthedi, Moulana Israr Hussain Razvi, Moulana Syed Fazalullah Qaudri, Moulana Syed Shah Zaheeruddin Ali Sufi, Mufti Ziauddin Naqshbandi, Moulana Syed Taqi Raza Abedi and others shared the dais.

Dr. Tahir-ul Qaudri is slated to address two more meetings in the city on Sunday and Monday at City Convention Center, Nampally.