Conspiracy behind communal riots of Nawada

    By Faisal Sultan,

    The incidents of communal violence in Nawada (Bihar), and other places, appears to be part of larger conspiracy to destablise the Nitish Government. The leaders of Bihar -JUDs should be careful about it. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is a worried man these days. He can no longer claim a communal violence-free state as one of the achievements of his nearly eight-year rule.

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    Citing such examples, an impression would be created that in the event of election- 2014, Communal tension will increase. Local administration and police forces have utterly failed to control such events. We condemned the damage caused to deprived minority business.

    Minority demanded from the government to undertake the compensation work to the loss and pay compensation to the affected Muslims . We also demanded repairing work for the Muslim shops and compensation to the affected Muslims on urgent basis. Further the government should take precautionary arrangements in the town during forcoming festival to avoid such incidents in future.

    The victims – mainly Muslims – are still struggling, socially and financially to bring the culprit’s under the justice and waiting for the neutral official commissions of inquiry set up on urgent basis.

    The threat and fear of communal incidents is on the rise among the people, particularly in the minority community. The Nitish Kumar government has to be alert and must act tough against troublemakers and those conspiring to provoke communal riots.

    I personally appreciate higher officials, administration and top police officers including RAF, who later used full force to control the situation. Consequently the situation improved within a week.

    The FIR registered requires further investigations into the case by an independent agency other than the appointed Special Investigation Team and filing of charge sheet against culprits.

    Officials suspect that two local leaders, involved in illegal stone quarrying in the district, were inciting “communal hatred” as part of business rivalry, a police officer said, adding that the National Security Act would be invoked for preventive detentions and swift action against troublemakers.

    (Faisal Sultan is an engineer from Bihar, working in Saudi Arabi, currently in Nawada, Bihar.)

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