The spark of Jyothi, the rays of hope

By Nimmi Bhaskaran for,

After suffering through many battles and inexcusable pain the 23 year old young woman has left us alone in the barbaric society. India always gushes the opportunities of development without the knowledge that their country men aren’t developing.

It’s shameful to believe that our government takes long time in implementing harsh punishments for the victims rather they are proving again and again their inefficiency in putting forth immediate steps. The government instinctively proclaims their exasperating words which is appalling than the real incident.

Social activist Ajitha speaking at the rally organised by Kozhikottukaar at Kozhikode Mananchira square [Photo: Kozhikottukaar]

This is not the first rape case in our country. But this made emotionally disturbed and feeling of hanged intimidation of not letting to live and satiate the life of woman. We Indians are lucky enough to say that we live in a country having a ruling government which is incapable to look into our security and rights. The Delhi gang rape incident is a true example, where the government couldn’t have the courage to speak to the people for days, listen to their words to ensure safety policies for women but rather instructed the cops to handle the people and maintain peace. Why the representatives elected by the people shut the doors of Rashtrapathi Bhavan and assure themselves safe while millions of people are smashed by the police? Where is the justice played here? The justice might sound new to the government as they have lost their way of thinking right and were initiating paralyzed steps so far.

It was the protesters especially the bullish young protesters – the real assets of tomorrow came up like leaders where we have seen and forgotten in the past took consolidate posture to navigate the problem and to end the usual treatment of government shuffling cases. The swing of the protesters weren’t really expected by the government which was a real beat to them as it made up their minds recount to take up the issue diligently. It will be a real tough task for the government as their words and countless speeches won’t work now only actions can speak to the people. Many national channels commented that the mass in Delhi is violent. Here the people cannot be blamed because the people grew aggressive when the government provoked those times.

Media played a double role while streaming out the debates, controversial about it. It was all of a sudden that many rape cases started coming up from various grounds. Yes, media definitely has a role in informing public but shouldn’t be celebrated like a carnival or increase the level of panic among people. What I all have to say is media should end up their indirect treatment of generating turmoil and constructing mountains of gender discrimination. Enough is enough. As a woman and a citizen of India, I am waiting eagerly for the punishment which will make my ears and heart happy in this New Year. The convicts shouldn’t have a simple death but a vicious punishment. The Indian woman has lost the tolerance of pain today what she need is a space in the society to live and walk with her fellow beings fearlessly. The underlined shame and the long term chances for the ravages to creep in India; needs a tight gate to dissolve them completely.

(Nimmi Bhaskaran is a post-graduate student in Communication Journalism from Safi Institute of Advanced Studies, Vazhayur, Kerala.)