Pakistani jirga settles family war over buffalo theft


Islamabad: A jirga or tribal council in Pakistan has settled a dispute between two warring families that was triggered by a theft of buffaloes two years ago which later led to clashes and the death of two family members.

The jirga held in Sardar Adam Khan Panhwar village near Jacobabad in Sindh province Friday settled the dispute between the Khoso and Brohi families, the Dawn reported.

The dispute resulted in the killings of Muhammaduddin Brohi and Fateh Muhammad Khoso.

After hearing both sides of the story, the jirga imposed a fine of Rs.1.2 million on the Brohis for killing Fateh Mohammad Khoso, and an additional fine of Rs.1 million to compensate the Khosos for the expenses incurred on the probe.

The jirga also slapped a fine of Rs.600,000 on the Khosos for killing Muhammaduddin Brohi.

Mohammad Bux Khoso, a cousin of the Khoso family, was found guilty of sparking the dispute, and the jirga fined him Rs.1 million.

The former foes accepted the verdict and made peace with each other.